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So our new summer routine involves going to our swim club as much as possible. Swim clubs are big in the Midwest. It was a totally foreign concept to me, being from the South where your own pool is practically a necessity. Here in Missouri, people join a local club that maintains the pool and grounds. You pay a joining fee and then a yearly fee. This is our first year and we are trying to get our money’s worth.

That often involves going for a couple of hours in the late afternoon or around dinner time. The husband and I may never get in the pool but we enjoy sitting outside watching the girls splash around and play on the awesome playset. We all eat dinner there before heading home. Packing a dinner that pleases all taste buds and is portable can be challenge. So I was happy to get the chance to try the new Tyson Toppings line and create a few fun and easy meal solutions with the salami. Hope you enjoy!

The Ingredients
Tyson Topping Recipe Ingredients

The Snacks
Use pretzel chips, small pieces of cheese, and salami to make stackers. We pack each ingredient separately and assemble at the pool. These are a huge hit with kids and adults!

Salami Panzanella

Panzanella is my go to summer dish! It’s easy to make and everyone loves it. I added salami to my pesto panzanella. You can make this recipe in less than twenty minutes!

Pressed Tyson Toppings Salami Sandiwches

Pressed sandwiches make the ideal pool food, they can be thrown into any kind of bag (squishing only makes them better) and can be cut on location according to each person’s appetite. Just remember to wrap tightly!

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Note: These are great just to throw in a bag to take the the pool or to run errands. I love that it is resealable!


  1. These snacks look yummy! I will be trying their salami didn’t realize they had one. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Now I’m hungry!

  3. Love easy healthy snack sandwiches like this -esp for summer! Our go-to lunch is usually pb&j, so this would be a fun step up!

  4. I love pretzel chips but all these snacks look and sound wonderful

  5. Yum!

  6. This made my mouth water! I am getting ready to go grocery shopping, and I will have to buy these ingredients to make my own Panzanella!

  7. Loved pressed sandwhiches!! What a great idea 🙂

  8. Yum! That sandwich looks really good. I had no idea Tyson made salami — it’s one of my kids favorite lunch meats. I’ll have to get some for them to try out!

  9. What a great poolside snack!! And yes, welcome to the midwest where we don’t have pools because it is only nice here for 3 months a year 🙂

  10. These all look really good! Easy to prepare and transport.

  11. Sounds like an easy idea for eating on the go. I’m not a fan of salami but my husband would probably like these.

  12. Not a fan of salami, but if I replace these with turkey or ham, they’ll be fantastic!

  13. I am always looking for creative new ways to feed the kids. They always get so bored with PBJ!

  14. I love Salami and these are great ideas!

  15. All great ideas! I’m going to probably try them all!

  16. Oh, great ideas. Love the sandwiches! thanks!!

  17. These snacks look absolutely delicious! I love those little pretzel crips – throwing in some protein makes them even more delicious.

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