Please Join Us for the Miracle Marathon

Why The Miracle Marathon
Rarely have I felt as strongly about a blogging project as I do about the one I am embarking on with the girls next week. Being a lead blogger for the Miracle Marathon isn’t just about numbers or awareness or charity for me. It’s about thanking the people who helped my daughter through surgery and continue to help her. Having a Children’s Hospital in town can make all the difference in not only the experience but also your child’s health.

I firmly believe that the innovations and support system Miracle Network hospitals are able to offer make a huge different in the well being of the children in their community. And the Miracle Marathon is such an appropriate way to raise money because it’s about improving your own health by getting active every day while you raise money for a great cause.

And what does this money go towards? Look at some of the things my daughter experienced while being treated at MU…

Miracle Network MU childrens

MU Childrens Hospital

Every dollar counts, but so does every mile. Miracle Marathon is about giving back to your Children’s Miracle Network Hospital, but also about incorporating exercise into your daily routine. The girls and I are doing most of the miles together but I have also made a list of a few trails I have wanted to try around my area.

Will you please register for my team Terror Twins Turn Up as a Miracle Maker? You don’t need to fund raise if you don’t want to just by joining my team you are contributing. And if you register using my 10% discount code MiracleKate you will donate $24.48 to the cause.

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