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The girls don’t always love it when I have to work but they do love it when a package arrives in the mail and it’s something new for them. Reviewing toys is definitely a perk of being a blogger’s kid. Though it’s not a regular feature on this blog, leading up to the holidays I will be sharing many more because when it comes to spending holiday money, you want to make sure you are spending on something your kids are going to love.

I think Moxie Girlz Insiders fit the bill. Just look at these happy faces!
Moxie Girlz Review

The first doll we were sent for review was one of the Poopsy Pets. These little animals are a kid’s dream. You get to laugh at poop and as my kiddo put it “the poops are ADORABLE!” The Avery doll she received comes with a pet panda who poops cute little bamboo shoots. I can count this toy as educational because of that right? The feature I liked was that the doll can stand on its own, as seen below. It made play a lot more fun!

Moxie Girlz Poopsy Pets Panda Avery

The real hit though was the Sophina doll. Squeals of excitement were heard from two little girls (and maybe one big one too) as they discovered the tiny ice cream cones and “so cute” miniature dollar bills. I loved that all those tiny things could be stored in the bike and that the ice cream cones were easy to put together. No tears make for a good toy.

Moxie Girlz Ice Cream Bike
Of course the real excitement was that Sophina actually pedals the bike and then the bike plays music. And it’s actually easy enough for a kid to do on their own. Just guard the doll’s shoes like they are made of gold because the bike doesn’t work without them. After a few freakouts we came up with the plan to keep them attached to the bike.

Two thumbs up on these two dolls from each of my girls. And two thumbs up from me too. The best thing about them is how they sparked cooperative play. A whole hour (without arguments!) was spent like this…

Moxie Girlz Dolls

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