Passion Planner Review

As part of a blogging collaboration group, I was tasked with sharing something that makes my life as a work at home parent a little easier. I knew that it had to share how happy I am with my Passion Planner.

I wasn’t sure exactly how much I would utliize it back when I backed their Kickstarter in November; I just knew that I had to find a planner that would keep track of my home life and work life in one place. Because if you work from your house, you know how quickly the two of them blend! Pulling out two different planners and calendars just wasn’t working for my anymore.

Passion Planner Review

To my delight, it has been everything I hoped for. It’s blending my tasks together seamlessly and helping me stay on track with my 2015 goals. The goals kick started with the mind mapping exercise at the beginning of the planner and continues through mapping space and task breakdown weekly. And there are reflection pages at the end of each month that help break down what I got done, what I didn’t, and why.

And that’s not even counting the weekly quotes and thoughts. And the weekly and daily focus spaces. I could go on and on but let me break down a few of the details for you and you can judge for yourself…

Monthly Pages: I abhor planners without monthly pages so obviously this is a must. In addition to the calendar, there are spaces for your goals for the month and the action steps you need to take to achieve them.
Marker Ribbon: Since I am referencing this throughout the day, I love being able to open it right to my week. It’s a small thing but it makes life just a little bit easier.
Daily Breakdown: This planner goes old school with the daily time breakdown which is perfect for scheduling appointment and tasks. I add in bullet boxes in any free time I have and assign blocks of time to certain work tasks.
Weekly Blank Space: This box can be used for anything you want, but I find it perfect for jotting down notes from phone calls throughout the week. It’s the perfect record of what I am committing to.
Achievements: On addition to the monthly reflection pages I mentioned, each week has a space to jot down good things that happened. This is where I love bringing the personal into the business. Everyone that works from home knows that the high fives have to come from yourself (no coworkers and my pets ignore me.) That space is my high five box.

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  1. I like that it has a section for achievements. I never thought about keeping track of that!

  2. I agree about the Passion Planner – it’s very helpful! Mine is on backorder (I’ve been using the PDF version) – can’t wait to get it later this month!

    • I was so happy when mine finally arrived! I am a little bummed to miss a whole month of using it and that it doesn’t have the Monday to Sunday layout that is now available but overall, I am thrilled that I backed it.

  3. I love a good planner! This one sounds perfect for work at home moms. Love the achievements section, what a great way to remind ourselves that we’re staying on track!

  4. I’ve heard lots of good things about this planner but I’d love to see one in action as a blogger. Like pictures of your actual planner and how you use it for blogging.

  5. A great planner is a must to keep life and work organized. I love all the features this one offers – perfect for what I need to keep on track!

  6. I am a planner junkie. I use different planners for different purposes because I have yet to find one that does it all for me. Really Franklin Covey came the closest but has no place for my creative blogging life. I’ll check this out for sure.

  7. I was hoping that for or $40, it would be a little fancier. The paper is quite stiff and boring. The overall concept is perfect for what I was looking for though.

  8. I just recently got a Passion Planner because my mom uses one and loves it and I opted for the small size like you did. I just received it and I can’t decide how I feel about it. I feel like the lines are too small for my handwriting. Did you ever feel too squished or anything with the tiny spaces provided?


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