Let’s talk about purging

The word purging has a lot of negative connotations, but there’s something perfect about it when it comes to letting go of your belongings. Let’s face it, we all own too much. And possessions drag us down. There’s a reason that Marley wears a chain of moneyboxes in A Christmas Carol.

Last year I participated in a Facebook group challenge to purge 2014 things in 2014 and I resigned up again this year. I just now realized they have actual defined missions and printables, so I am doing my best to follow along and let them guide my decluttering.

Join me won’t you?

First official #2015in2015 purge. More info #ontheblog! #resolutions

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Details below!
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Fight! Fight! Fight!

how to stop fighting kids

This morning I was once again awakened by the gentle, dulcet tones of World War Three, aka a twin fight. These two girls of mine love each other so much but you could never tell it from their almost constant fighting. This morning, I just could not take it anymore and ended up sending them both to their rooms and declaring it a screen free day. But they can’t stay apart forever and let’s face it, mama needs them to have screen time again at some point. So, tell me internets, what can I do?
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2015 Habits : Resolutions and Commitments

Happy new year! Every year I make the number of resolutions for that year. In addition, I am jumping on the “word of the ear” bandwagon and declaring a word. Mine: HABIT.
word of the year

I picked habit to help commit myself to making my resolutions not just something I cross off a list but something that improves my life and becomes an integral part of my life. They say it takes 21 days to form a habit so I have decided that each month I will concentrate on an area I would love to improve on or change. And then I have picked fifteen things I want to do this year as well.

Here they are!
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Winterize Your Phone

If you are a tech loving house like us, you probably got a few devices in your stocking. Over the next couple of weeks, I will be sharing how to best enjoy them. First up a post on winterizing your phone!

Most people think about winterizing their home and their car but forget about the smaller things. If you’re anything like me, your phone is practically an appendage of you. What would you do without it? Fortunately, there are ways to shore it up for the chilly weather yet to come. In this sponsored post with U.S. Cellular, I will be sharing the how to!

winterize your phone
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How to Not Cook Until the New Year with Yahoo DIY

Thank you Yahoo! for sponsoring this post. While this was a sponsored opportunity from Yahoo!, all content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Ahhh, you’re finally made it. Unless you are running to the mall for last minute gift ideas, today is the touchdown of the holidays. Hannukah has ended, the solstice has been celebrated, and Santa comes tonight. Now it’s your time to chill out and relax. To really get your chillaxing on, step away from the stove and make the next few holiday meals stretch as long as possible. Instead of being like this…
Become a fridge ninja, and presto, dinner is done!
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Meet the Merry Stirring Mice

A series of crazy events have led to not quite the Christmas season I imagined, so we haven’t gotten to all the Christmas traditions I wanted. But we have managed to do one of my favorites: nightly Christmas stories. A new favorite is Merry Stirring Mice which I was sent for review by The Brand Connection. The girls are captivated by this tale, especially Desmonda Drama…

Love, love, love our newest Christmas book: Merry Stirring Mice. #BloggerPerk

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Seeking the Blessing

There is a certain Irish guilt in me that eschews any comfort. So tonight when among my closest friends it took me hours to break down. My soul did not ask for their blessing or benefication or any their forgiveness. what my former faith expects. Instead, I needed their benefication, their meeting of blessing and approval and support, their reassurance that I am not alone,

Sp today, and through this season, I ask of you:
-ask not what god your brother or sister worships
=ask not what your brother or sister has
Ask instead

What can I do for others that gives me nothing in return.

5 Easy Peasy Photo Gifts

It’s not too late to give the gift everyone loves: their favorite faces or places on a gift. I love giving photo gifts because they fit everyone and everyone is sure NOT to have it! But my laziness gets in the way and I end up dropping the ball. Which is why these photo gifts are so awesome: they are a SNAP to make!

Five Easy Photo Gifts
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Everything Passes

I wrote this post as part of my participation in a blog tour for The Motherhood on behalf of the makers of Children’s MOTRIN® and received compensation to thank me for taking the time to participate. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

This month I have been sharing some of our holiday traditions. It was especially important for me to make this season special because our Christmas last year was so hard. We went into the winter break worried for our daughter. She was having a tough time at school and home and we were at a loss at how to help her. Parenthood is hardest for me when there isn’t a clear answer. Or even an understanding of the situation.

Unfortunately, we also had an emotional upheaval over the holiday so by the time we limped into the new year we all felt bruised and frankly fractured as a family. It took months for us to put us back together. We made big changes like switching schools and readjusting how we spend time together. For the first time ever we took a long trip together as a family.

Things aren’t perfect, we are most certainly still a work in progress as a family. But I have found a certain grace in the tough times we had in 2014. If nothing else, it has retaught me that “this too shall pass.” I have found my solace in parenthood time and time again in that stock phrase.

The first time I understand, as a mother, that everything passes was one afternoon when I was pouring apple juice for my daughters. You see for years I couldn’t even enter the juice aisle at the store. Just the smell of apple juice made my stomach curdle.

When I was ten my younger sister drowned. Her favorite thing was apple juice. So much that it seemed to emanate from her pores. Water didn’t bother me in the least, not even swimming in the pool she drowned in. But the scent of apple juice made me shiver.

Then came the day I was pouring it without a second thought. Time can’t ever make us forget but it can heal us. This too shall pass and you will muddle through. You’re a mother and there’s nothing you can’t take on.

I want to thank the the makers of Children’s MOTRIN® for sponsoring this Unstoppable Moms campaign. It’s been wonderful to reflect and to share some of my musts and tips. Be sure to share your own unstoppable tips on the MOTRIN® Facebook page. There are weekly drawings for $100 gift cards and every tip shared triggers $1 donation to Safe Kids.

This Is What Democracy Looks Like

Ten minutes ago I was sobbing in the car. Granted it has been an emotional morning with a friend losing a parent. But when I heard the descriptions of Eric Garner’s last moments alive being described on Democracy Now, a part of me broke. It seems unreal that this is 2014.

Indict the System Black Lives Matter
On Tuesday a friend asked people to attend the student rally on the Mizzou campus. It was both heartening and disheartening. For me, as someone who is twenty years out of college, it was impressive and inspiring to see what students has organized and to hear their voices. But it was incredibly depressing to hear them talk about the micro aggressions and discrimination they experience on a daily basis.

The leader read a Mizzou themed list calling out White Privilege. To say that some of the facts she shared were eye opening is an understatement. Time and time again I heard the speakers say that you need to check your privilege at the door. Sometimes we need to shut up and listen and this is that time. When I see people say they don’t understand the fear of police, the discrimination, I have to wonder do you not believe what your friends say? What these students say? What your fellow citizens say?

Listen. Listen to understand.

The last speaker on Monday chided the allies in the audience saying it wasn’t enough to show up and just say you are an ally. You have to earn that right. In a sense I disagree with her. Because I think it needs to be taken further.

It is not enough to call yourself an ally. An ally is someone who joins in to give support to a cause but this is not just a cause we can say is someone else’s. When our friends and family tell us they feel like second class citizens, it’s becomes our problem. When our fellow citizens are being shot and and choked to death, it is not someone else’s cause. It is every American’s cause.

The rally ended with linked hands and a repeating of intentions. I am paraphrasing but it began with “it is out duty to fight for our rights and it is our duty to win.” And it is my duty, and yours, and every one’s to not let this die. It is our duty to speak up, to act out, and to make the change.

We are part of the problem and we must be part of the solution. The protest chant goes “Show them what democracy looks like.” It’s time to really show what democracy looks like.