Among the Narcissists and Writers : BlogHer14 Recap

This BlogHer14 recap is sponsored by Mrs. Band and my own personal BlogHer sponsor second year running, Jen Lee Reeves.

So another BlogHer conference happened. And even though I said last year was my last one, I was there. Bloggers are an odd species. They are a combination of big loud flamboyant people and sensitive quiet introverts… to stereotype, narcissists and writers. Both have their awesome and not so awesome qualities and I love them both. But I don’t think I embody enough qualities of either to feel secure at BlogHer.


Being in a large crowd of both is an experience that will shake you up, in good ways and bad. This year the experience of being around so many creative people, combined with an underlying theme of self acceptance left me pondering what blogging really means to me.

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I Gave My Seven Year Old an iPhone

While I was at BlogHer last week, as part of the US Cellular blogger brigade, I attended a lunch focused on kids and smart phones. Some interesting facts like the following were shared:

Though the above and some of the other thoughts shared gave me a lot of food for thought, the talk also reconfirmed my decision to give the #terrortwins a mobile phone. As the moderators said, it really is a case of responsibiloity and need, not age. And with two girls with such different needs, it makes sense for our family for them to have a way to contact us when they can not be with us and a phone to use at home. I feel better knowing we have a phone on the U.S. Cellular’s 4G LTE network to use in the case of emergency (it works GREAT in our city!) at home and that will share us where they are when they have it (we installed the Life360 app on it to help us keep track of their goings and to find them easily should we get separated.)

And yes, my seven year old has a nicer phone than I do.
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Wednesday Drinks : EPPA Sangria

Happy Wednesday! This week I am drinking EPPA Sangria while unpacking for BlogHer14 and packing for our EpicRoadTrip2014. EPPA sangria is the perfect light drink for summer evenings. When you have to spend a beautiful night inside in the laundry room, it’s nice to have a little bit of sunshine in your hand.

EPPA Sangria

I got to experience the above at the Sangria and Yoga Pants Sundown Soiree that opened the BlogHer Conference in San Jose. What better way to ease yourself into a frenzy of learning and networking than drinking spritzers and wearing comfy clothes. All the details about it and more about EPPA below…
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Miracle Marathon For My Everyday Miracles

Last night, late in the evening I arrived back home and fell into bed with my head spinning. Visions of blog posts dancing in my head, I finally drifted into a fitful sleep. My mind was kind of wrecked by BlogHer. There is something both sustaining and draining about a conference of bloggers. But then I woke up to this….

The Miracle Network Selfies

These are my visions; they are my reason for kind of all of being.
And they are part of the reason I am caught up in this crazy world of blogging.

My voice is small but it is a voice that can advocate, that can tell people how much has been done in the world and how much there is still to be done. That is why I’m thrilled to share that I’m serving as a lead blogger for this fall’s Miracle Marathon.
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Old Before My Time

Maybe it’s because I live in the Midwest but lately I have started feeling old before my time. I am still over a year away from forty, but in Missouri I am way over the hill. These chicks were having babies at twenty and while I am stumbling from mommyhood to reentering careerhood, they are confidently navigating barre classes and the corporate ladder in tasteful White House Black Market outfits.

But what really confirmed for me that i am old was the offer to do this sponsored post.
For Poise Microliners.

It has come to that. I am firmly in the target age for light bladder leakage protection.
And of course, I blame my kids.

After carrying twelve plus pounds of babies to 49 weeks, everything is a little weak. So yeah, laughing a little too hard and squatting a little too hard at those all too infrequent gym visits is like playing a game of Russian roulette.

I don’t want to be dealing with diapers when my kids are just out of them. Which is why Poise microliners are ideal. They are barely noticeable and have SAM (Super Absorbent Material) for those certain moments. i’m old, I need them, and I am learning to be okay with that.

My Extraordinary Kid

Lazy summer, where are you? It’s been a long week with both the girls being ill. Desmonda Drama even had to miss the entire week of summer school because of two different infections. And then on top of that, she had a morning of testing that we couldn’t cancel. Of course, I am in tatters but she is still tearing around the house with a smile on her face.


That kid. She is something else.
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(The Most Awesome) Outdoor Fireplace Giveaway

How awesome is this outdoor fireplace? I am totally obsessed with it. I really, really, really want to win but since I am a nice person (sometimes), I am sharing this with you so you can enter to win too. May the odds be ever in your favor.

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A Rant About Summer & Some Cool Things Too

for years I suffered from SAD, except mine season was summer. i think it started the year I decided to spend the summer potty training the girls. Days of cleaning up puddles and looking at seafoam green tiles almost drove me off the deep end. This year I thought I was going make summer my bitch. How wrong I was.

You are Killing Me Summer
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Lazy Housewife Handbook : Summer Cleaning Tricks

Who wants to spend time inside cleaning when they could be out enjoying the summer fun? Not this lazy housewife! So here are ten of my best summer cleaning tricks.

Ten Summer Cleaning Tricks
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Cooking With Books, Fictional Recipes Are Yummy

One of my goals is to cook more with my kids. I grew up watching my mom cook and turned into an awesome one myself (#humblebrag.) She didn’t actually cook that much with me so I could just take my chances that the terror twins learn by osmosis like me. But that would defeat my goal of turning them into domestic servants by eight. So cooking with kids it is.

Cooking With Kids

Up first, Tiana Mac and Cheese!
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