Packing The Perfect Plane Bag

So, there’s something big I haven’t discussed here on the old blog… on Saturday I am headed to Paris for ten days. I know! For years, I have been saying I wanted to turn forty in Paris. And after hoarding miles, begging my parents to come take care of the terror twins, and saving our duckets on March 6th, I will turn 40 on French soil.

And to make it even better, my British bestie is coming over with her husband to celebrate with us. It’s Mum’s day in the UK on the 6th so it will be a double celebration. Of course, I want to bring her girlies treats. And she and a high school friend asked that I bring over some American goodies for them (evidently footed jammies are not a thing in Europe.) Plus all the shopping I want to do.

So packing space is at a premium. I have been scouring Pinterest like a fiend for packing advice. Most of it I already knew but I was struck by this pin from Back to My Roots , a blog I had not heard of but am now obsessed with.

I couldn’t help but share my own spin on the perfect carry on bag for the plane. My secret: the go bag! It makes things way more simple. So for this month’s #PinterestRemakes hop, here is my Perfect Plane Bag!


The secret to my carry on success is my “go-bag.” This is a small bag that I pack within my personal carry on. I pull it out, put it in the seat pocket, then I can store my bag under the seat in front of me for the rest of the flight. Usually it’s a small purse or cross body bag but a ziplock works just as well. And what to put it in? Here’s my usual contents…

Carry On Go Bag HAck

1. Magazines: Over the years I have perfected the magazine formula: trashy gossip + intelligentesque magazine + general interest.
2. Travel Book: Travel guides aren’t dead… and the plane is the perfect place to dive into a guidebook. You don’t have anytime to overthink it. Already been to your destination? Try a novel based in the place you are headed.
3. Kindle: Totally necessary for long flights!
4. Toiletries: tissue pack: handy for spills, runny noses, and offering to neighbors; chapstick for that dry cabin air, and an Aveda stress ball roller to take you away.
5. Passport Carrier: for passports, ticket print outs, and other necessary documents.
6. Candy to Share: gum and chocolate bars make for friendly seatmates and that bar is gifty enough to bribe a flight attendant if necessary.
7. Wipes: for face, hands, and not so clean pull down trays.
8. Snacks: protein packs to keep you from going hangry.

And what do I carry in the rest of the carry on? Check it out…
Carry On Bag Contents

1. The Go Bag : this time it’s an Orla Kiely cross body bag that I plan to carry during the day in Paris.
2. Comfy Slipper Socks: I wear my largest shoes on the plane so for long flights, I carry comfy slipper socks to wear while on the plane and stick my shoes where my go bag was.
3. Karma wifi: Because life is meaningless without wifi, especially on a layover.
4. Outdoor Gear: When I walk out of the airport, I am ready to go: gloves, sunglasses, and umbrella!
5. Laptop and Charger: The airline can pry my Macbook out of my cold dead hands.
6. Book: I never go anywhere without a book because Kindles die yo.
7. Toiletry Bag: If there’s room in my suitcase, I throw it in there when I am past security but I always keep room in my bag for it in case I am forced to check.
8. Notebook and Backup Charger: I always travel with a notebook to journal and write down cool things I see on the trip. And a backup charger, because I hate traveling with two many cords so I charge my backup while I am in the hotel room and then use it to charge whichever device I can’t plug in. Plus, layovers.

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  1. I love your ideas! I forgot a book one trip and I was miserable 🙁

  2. Great tips. I am packing my bag and heading to CA this weekend and finding your post was perfect timing.


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