Oh Hey There Blissdom

Whoa! Blissdom is this week!
How did that happen?

Months ago my friend Claire and I decided to meet up at Blissdom. Since she’s four hours away and I could leave my twins at my parents, it was pretty much perfect. Except I was a little in denial. I think I forgot I was going up until a few weeks ago when Claire pointed out that I could deliver her Girl Scout cookies to her in person. Oh f*@k, that’s right, I am headed to a blogging conference

In the past year I’ve done some amazing stuff through blogging. But I have also been jettisoned from a group that I was super involved with and had a project I was super excited about stall. It was enough to make me feel kind of all “what the hell am I doing in this space?”

Add in some heavy personal stuff happening to close friends and it was enough that I was all “BREAK! I NEED A BREAK!” So I took one for a month and then slowly eased myself back into the game. And here we are, Blissdom Bound. While I am still kind of lost I am excited about some space to figure out what is going on. I am eschewing my typical blogging session and jumping with abandon into the life track sessions. Which just happen to be sponsored by one of my favorite companies Care.com.

But enough about my personal stuff, here’s the nitty gritty…

Hi there! I’m Kate!
Here’s my family:
The Guavalicious Family

I am a semi-stay at home mom which means most of my time is devoted to dealing with my girls who I affectionately call the terror twins. Occasionally I work as a writer and social media specialist. This year I made a decision to take on no long scale projects so I could guide my girls through Kindergarten. They have special needs and I wanted them to have some extra support.

When not hanging with them, I do my best to be an awesome homemaker. Sometimes I succeed. Cooking is my bag. Cleaning not so much. Luckily my husband is an awesome housekeeper. And though it annoys the heck out of him that I am somewhat slovenly, he is game for jumping in to help.

Seriously, world’s most handsome housekeeper right?
Handsome Housecleaner

See that stove? It’s the original one from when our house was built in 1960. We adore our mid-century walk out ranch and feel it’s one of the main advantages to living in the Midwest.

And see that Beer Mongers shirt? It’s a hint to two more things The Hubs and I love… craft beer and travel.

All the above?
That’s what I talk about on my blog. It’s basically the Seinfeld of blogs. About nothing and everything.

At Blissdom I am hoping to drink a good maragarita (or two), meet some new friends, hang with some old ones, and find some direction.
Oh and I am totes a #hugger so come say hi and expect a hug.

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