Nuts for Nutella

Nutella has always remained a mystery to me. In my head I had pegged it as some kind of European peanut butter. But I knew chocolate was also involved. Was it something similar to Vegemite? Surely not. So recently I was offered the chance to throw a Nutella Party though Mommy Parties I jumped on the offer. They sent me a box of samples and coffee tumblers to hand out to my guests along with a jar of Nutella. I resisted a whole day before opening the jar.

I rationalized it was polite to test it out before serving it to my guests and spread some on toast. Instant love. Seriously, this stuff is heaven. And you can eat it for breakfast and serve it to your children? Pinch me now.

I was only too happy to have a few friends over and induct them into my newly formed Nutella cult. We sat around drinking coffee (tea for me) and discussing how we could use it. My favorite suggestion was a roll up with bananas. It’s so hard to find something new for the lunchbox and those would work perfectly, especially cut into bite size pieces.

Unfortunately a few friends weren’t able to make it. Their loss was my twitter friends’ gain as I took a few tumblers stuffed with samples and coupons with me to Disney Social Media Moms Celebration to hand out. I have to admit one of the sample packs didn’t make it since I used it to dip animal crackers into on the road. What can I say? I am powerless in the face of Nutella’s chocolately goodness.

Disclosure: I was provided a jar of Nutella as well as samples and goodies to hand out to my friends. My opinions are my own.


  1. ahem. i prefer nutella with champagne.

  2. Nutella and cream cheese on mini-bagels with apple slices on the side, that was breakfast this morning. I barely put any nutella on (because I figure the chocolate couldn’t be healthy, can it? I don’t really know), but they L-O-V-E it. The boys think they are getting dessert for breakfast, it takes me five minutes, and then I can have extra time to stalk people on facebook. Awesome.

  3. if you put it in the fridge in a mold is there a chance it can harden? I’m going to see about making nutella chocolate frogs…

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