No Buy July : Week Three Update

Well I just finished entering in my receipts and checking our balances so here is the update for Week 3 of #NoBuyJuly. This week was not good. And like any good wife, I blame my husband. He is the king of impulse shopping. Plus he went out twice this week.

That’s taking the easy way out though.

The real killer was groceries. We are just spending way too much on them and the challenge going forward it going to be figuring out how to cut that bill while still eating clean. I will say though, that I have really curbed unnecessary spending on “things.” I haven’t entered a Target (other to return things) all month. I almost cracked last night with a cart full of Old Navy sale items that would be perfect for BlogHer and Iceland.

But I stayed strong. In fact, we are thinking about extending the no buy thing into August.
Even if No Buy August doesn’t have the same ring to it.

By the Numbers:
Groceries: $147.52
Going Out: $39.50
Eating Out: $33.28
Misc (pullups and batteries): $40.12

Want to know more?
The No Buy July mission.


  1. I am super impressed! Go you!

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