No Buy July

Disclosure: I am writing this post on behalf of Splash Creative Media for eBay Mobile. My kids are sending them complaint letters now.
No Buy July

Last year we did a No Buy July challenge where we tried to cut our expenses by cutting out any unnecessary spending. This year I am all in again. Because with my daughter’s surgery and the trip to Cancun we splurged on for my husband’s fortieth, the credit card bill number written on my white board is starting to haunt my dreams.

However, this is a hard month to do it. There’s BlogHer, a round trip drive to Dallas, two events I am hosting, and two dinners to be brought to friends with babies. Not much I can do about those expenses. Then my husband needed new classes. That $400 expense crushed our open income (the money we have to spend on non fixed expenses each month.) Forget trying to cut that in half (my original goal.) Instead we had reached our limit by the seventh of the month.


Enter Ebay Mobile…

Picture this:
Me getting a post about Ebay Mobile…
Me downloading it in the Play Store (sidenote: I ADORE MY HTC ONE, SEEYA WOULDN’T WANT TO BE YA IPHONE)
Me spending the next three hours running around listing things I deemed unnecessary for us to own, like half of my kids toys

And I already made a couple hundred dollars, assuming the payments come in.
Compared to the old style of eBaying, this is a snap! And once you’ve got your information in, it becomes even easier.
You could literally list things all day.

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