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Occasionally I think I am funny. Thank you to Social Fabric and NickMom for agreeing and sponsoring my post!

Thanksgiving PostKids MotherFunny Cbias Shop

Do you ever look back on your pre-kids self and think “Bless Your Heart?” I am blessing all over the place when I think about how much I used to enjoy Thankgiving. “A holiday with no expectations! How lovely!” I used to think. Oh dear me. Little did I know that when you have kids, Thanksgiving is turned from a wine swilling Friendsgiving type atmosphere to a atmosphere more reminiscent of the fraught royal courts of yore. And in case you think you should have a crown on your head, oh no my friend. Your kids are the royalty; you are more of the lady in waiting.

You see, once you have kids, the expectations change.
All of the sudden you are are FAMILY and a MOM and in charge of creating HOLIDAY MEMORIES.
No more boozy flag football games and Monopoly marathons for you my friend.

Instead you are expected to produce a turkey like this:
NickMom Cbias Shop Thanksgiving Turkey

And place it on a table like this:
Thankgiving Table Cbias MotherFunny Shop

In spite of this rolling up to your table:
Thanksgiving Tricycle CBias MotherFunny Shop

Now I get my why my mom used to get a cold every few years and “have” to stay home. Smart thinking mom, SMART THINKING.

Thanksgiving consists now of me trying not to retreat to my childhood self when I think my mom is favoring my niece over my kids (there’s nothing like putting your own sibling rivarly on the next generation) and trying not to shoot my MIL death rays when she remarks “no wonder she can’t lost the baby weight” when I recite the ingredients to my sinfully delicious sweet potato pudding. In spite of that hurting more than the morning after my infamous Tijuana Thanksgiving celebration, I remember that it’s all worth it when I see this:
Thanksgiving Hug MotherFunny Cbias Shop

Plus Thanksgiving is the only holiday where your main expectation is to EAT ALL THE FOODS and DRINK ALL THE DRINKS. So throw on that turkey apron, give the job of getting your kids dressed in holiday clothing to your partner, and giddy up. It’s going to be a wild ride.

If your Thanksgiving is as exhausting as mine, skip the Black Friday shopping. Instead, after the kids are down settle into the couch with a glass of wine and celebrate surviving another year with some more funny stories on NickMom. We all deserve a #MotherFunny Thanksgiving.


  1. WHY go Black Friday Shopping when Cyber Monday deals are just as good and you don’t have to leave the comfort of your waffle-knit pajamas and microfiber sofa? I totally get the whole sibling rivalry going to the next generation thing. TOTALLY. Though my parents really DO prefer my sister over me. I still don’t get it. I’ve skipped a few Thanksgivings because of sibling rivalry. True story. And yeah, Thanksgiving totally stinks after you have kids. Until they’re grown kids. THEN it will be fun again. #client

  2. I agree. I am definitely skipping the shopping and will just take in the whimsy of the say and just enjoy my family, kick back, relax and savor the day. And SAVOR the good food! LOL!

  3. I don’t even have kids and already I can’t think of a holiday without expectations, so I can’t imagine how much worse it gets, LOL. If I ever find myself in the position of being the Thanksgiving hostess, I think I might just buy a rotisserie chicken.

  4. One year I went to my in-laws (I am no w divorced) for Thanksgiving and I made the innocent mistake of asking what I could bring….My sister-in-law said, the turkey. I laughed, she was serious…and well, I learned then to be careful when asking what to you can bring. I now say, I am bringing….lol.

  5. Hahah, my table never turns out that pretty, though I definitely get the little ones rolling up on bikes, to steal the rolls and run off.

  6. we’re cheating this day and taking the Luby’s route!! Yep, so Mom gets a break. Yay!!

  7. We hold Thanksgiving at my house every year, and I’m in charge of most of the food. It’s definitely much more stressful now that I’m married and have kids!

  8. I’m with you! I’ll be skipping the Black Friday shopping, grabbing a glass of wine and watching NickMom.

  9. I guess I should feel extra lucky that we’ve avoided Thanksgiving drama in my family. That being said, there is PLENTY of it outside that holiday. Oh the good old carefree days of childhood…

  10. LOL – I love the expectation is that you eat a lot of food! I’m down with that.

  11. Too “mother” funny! Thanks for the festive giggles, lol!

  12. I don’t mind catering to the kids, it is the adults that can be the difficult ones. All my kids want is to see their cousins and if I make that happen, I’m all set.

  13. We don’t have holiday drama. Not really. And I usually leave before things get rowdy.

  14. kids are also good for inopportune moments to share special information about body functions!!

  15. Ha, love this! I put so much expectations on myself trying to make it this magical time for my kids! I’m skipping the shopping too this year! I’ll need to recover.

  16. I do love being with everyone… but I still love the excitement of being out in the crowd.


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