New Toy Thursday : Sneaky Learning With Shains

Since the girls are still behind in their fine motor skills, I am always looking for toys that will encourage them to work those muscles. Toys made for special needs specifically are hella ixpensive though so I try to think outside of the box. Plus taking away the obvious learning factor means they are more likely to actually sit down and do it with me. These girls are getting too smart for me.

So this week for New Toy Thursday we worked with the Shainsware sets I had been sent.

I had first seen these customizable items at the Big Toy Book party at BlogHer. I loved their metal elements bracelets. I thought it would be a fun take on mom jewelry. And I envisioned them being a perfect present for my preteen niece.

But they turned out to be the perfect thing for the girls. They are really into having their name on everything so we were able to practice picking out letters and spelling. Once we had their names spread out, they worked on pushing the letters through. I did have to help them with the first few but and help hold the bracelets but they were so excited when they were able to get them though on their own.

The best thing is that they wanted to keep going so we broke out the bookmark kit to make a present for Daddy. The bookmark kit . We got creative and picked out elements that reminded them of Daddy.

Shains Bookmark Kit

One more cool thing about the Shains line: they are made of recycled materials. They have a really great seasonal pack right now: a Halloween bracelet with spooky elements. And you can add on glow in the dark elements. Enter the code TREAT for $2 OFF your online purchase at until October 31st!

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