New Toy Thursday : My Little Pony iPad App

Can we talk for a minute about my disappointment in the new My Little Pony? When I first saw that My Little Pony was on The Hub I was thrilled. A fanatical My Little Pony lover as a kid, I had already indoctrinated the girls into the MLP cult with my vintage (sadly I am old enough that toys from my youth are vintage) ponies and garage sale books. Instead of rushing off to “work” (read Twitter), I snuggled into the couch to watch with them.

To my horror, these were not the sweet ponies of my youth. They were still solving problems and learning lessons, but they were doing it was sass and a cool flick of their tail. These were literally not your mother’s ponies. But too late, the girls were entranced.

So when I heard there was an iPad app coming out based on the series, I knew we had to buy it. Because the only thing the girls love more than their ponies is smearing their fingerprints all over Daddy’s iPad.

The app features:
-“an interactive storybook, designed to help develop vocabulary, reading and motor skills” – makes me feel less guilty about screen time!
-a flexible format – Read together with them or you can let the app do the work with the “Read Me” option
-Touch-driven animations – the girls love hidden surprises, I think they have a future in gaming. Surely there will be gaming scholarships in 2026 right?
-“Meet the Ponies” feature provides background info on each of the story’s characters – extremely useful when they hold up their ponies and ask “what’s this one’s name?” since I have refused to watch the show again (I love my kids but…)
-“Randomization of activity content and difficulty level” – cool because the girls keep playing with it since it changes up

Here’s a sneak peek at the app:

In short, three thumbs up! The girls and me were fans. My husband is the lone hold out but that’s more about “his precious” (the iPad) than the app. It retails for $3.99 in iTunes.

Disclosure: I have previously received free apps from Ruckus Media but I bought the My Little Pony app myself. All opinions and thoughts are my own.


  1. “These were literally not your mother’s ponies.” LOL!!! So funny. Are we *that* old? Nah. Poor hubby, this does sound like a very good app for his iPad. I think the girls are gonna rebel and claim it as theirs soon! x Love your blog.

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