New Toy Thursday : Lalaloopsy Toys

Summer is long. Can I just say that? The girls and I got tired of each other oh about July 1st. They’ve been asking to go back to school since then. Unfortunately for them, and me, school is still three weeks away. Out of desperation, the idea of new toy Thursday was born. I figured if I brought out something once a week we would all have a welcome distraction.

Fortunately I had just the thing for our first week: a stash of Lalaloopsy toys!

A rep had offered to send me a few of the toys for the girls to try out and I couldn’t resist the cuteness. I liked that they weren’t the typical doll but were still appropriate for preschoolers. Plus though I am not crafty and the girls are probably confused about what sewing actually is, I really like the story that they are made from rags and magically come to life when the final stitch is sewn. With luck the girls will pick up on that, fall in love with sewing, and start making their own clothes.

The items we reviewed: the mini Lalaloopsy treehouse, the mini Lalaloopsy school bus, and full size Lalaloopsy doll, Sasha Mirage. We had a friend visiting from out of town that week so the girls gave her Sasha Mirage as a special gift. Then we opened the treehouse and school bus so we could all play with them together.

We all all instantly drawn to the playhouse. I accidentally cut the zip line while getting it out of the plastic ties so be careful of that! But in the end, that turned out to be a good thing since the girls were each able to take a tree and play with it. I was also a big fan of the detachable playhouse as it makes a good mini toy for quiet time or for taking on a trip. The girls loved being able to pull the basket up and down.

The school bus was also a big hit since the girls actually ride a school bus to preschool. My favorite feature was that you are actually insert the dolls into the seat so that they stayed. I hate the tears and tantrums that result once the girls have their dolls set up in their cars, only to have them fall out when they move the vehicle.

An added bonus of both playsets is that they come with different mini dolls. Don’t you hate when playsets always come with the same character? Plus, no batteries! These toys really encourage imaginative play by giving scenarios as jumping off points. There are many ways they toys can be played with, not just one or two.

Our visiting friend took her Sasha Mirage doll to nap with her so I am taking that as a stamp of approval. Her mom loved that the shoes and crown didn’t come off (or at least we couldn’t get them off!)

The toys are readily available at major retailers. You can follow Lalaloopsy on Facebook and Twitter. And be sure to check out the website where there is a whole virtual world to explore.


  1. I love these Lalaloopsy dolls! I actually want to get the Patch Treasurechest for Hayden.

  2. My girls adore the Lalaloopsy dolls. They tend to sleep with their dolls, so I couldn’t pull the trigger on the big ones, but we have a lot of the smaller ones. We’ve kept all of the boxes, so they get use those as the dolls’ homes when they play with them. I’ll have to look at some of the playsets, we haven’t yet.

  3. I love love love the look of those dolls. They’re so not the typical “princess” type doll, but they’re super cute and all girl. How old are your girls? I’m waiting till Alexa is an appropriate age for them (she’s 2.5 now).

    • My twins are four. The mini dolls are probably too old for Alexa (lots of small pieces) but the large dolls would be perfect!

      • OOH I’ll have to look into the large ones. I’ve seen them in the store and think I may want one for myself more than for Alexa, but we all know anything toy-like that comes into the house becomes the kid’s anyway 🙂

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