New Toy Thursday : BlogHer Swag From The Big ToyBook

So I haven’t really gone into the swag yet. What they say about the swag is true. There’s a lot of it. And it’s mainly stuff you want to take home. Even this year with me being selective, I still filled a suitcase and carry on just with swag. And gave two bags to my cousin and left a bag for the swag exchange. What I don’t to be true is that all the swag is aimed towards moms. There were only a few companies in the expo hall that were aimed specifically towards kids.


Which left me wondering if I was going to have to make a pit stop at the airport gift store. My girls do not expect gifts but bringing them helps assuage my guilt at being gone for five days. Fortunately the awesomeness known as the Big Toy Book Sweet Suite had send me an invite to their party during BlogHer. And wow did they do it up this time. Enough that I decided to do my New Toy Thursday post about it.


We entered a kids’ fantasy: a huge room filled with toys and plates of cupcakes. Lucky for us, there weren’t any kids there to hog the toys. Plus we got champagne to go with the cupcakes. There’s not much that can distract me from free champagne but the following toys managed.


I started off the with Hex Bugs which I am totally fascinated with. The girls love the squigglyness of them but they are just a bit too young for the habitats. Too bad because I loved the fold up and go ones especially with the carousels that catch them and send them off in different directions. I also absolutely adored the big spiders and am totally jealous that Fadra managed to snag some. But my biggest squee was over the special holiday bugs that are coming at Halloween (glow in the dark) and Christmas (reindeer bugs with detachable ears!)


What could distract me from the Hex Bugs? How about fairies that capture light? Lite Sprites are new on the market and look like your stereotypical fairy toy. Until you see them light up. You can use a light wand to capture colors from your world and transfer it into Lite Sprite world. Be sure to check out their website for the full explanation. By the way, the nerd in me loves that their favicon changes colors like the Lite Sprites.


Other standouts for me were the Briarpatch puzzles and games. I mean games based on my girls’ favorite books… what’s not to like? They also produce I Spy Wonder Tubes filled with glitter that are perfect for younger kids like my girls. They can try and spot certain items or just watch them float around. Imperial Toy couldn’t get rid of me. That’s what happens when you fill your booth with squishy bugs, bubble guns, and mini aliens. Just look at the fun we were having. I also made a custom bracelet with Shains and checked out their plastic line for my niece and the metal line for myself.


If trying out hot toys wasn’t enough, they also sent us away with amazing swag bags filled with toys. In the bag was an adorable Disney Baby Princess doll. As much as I hated to let go of my favorites, I traded away my Hex Bugs for an extra doll to bring home to the girls. I think it was worth it. I mean babies and princesses, it’s like they were specially made Calamity Jane and Desmonda Drama. They haven’t let go of them since. I do question Baby Ariel though… shouldn’t she have a mermaid tail instead of legs?


So there you have it, my wrap up of the Big Toy Book Sweet Suite. There were actually many more vendors than this. I skipped the video games since we didn’t have a system and I couldn’t get near the Leapfrog table. A standout that I didn’t spend much time with was the solar powered cars. And there wasn’t someone manning the booths but I really liked the dolls from Adora and of course the Penguin Books with matching stuffed animals. If you want to be in the know yourself, follow Big Toy Book on Twitter and check out their blog. If you have a kid seven or older get them signed up for KidzVuz where they can make comments on toys, post reviews, and essentially put me out of a job.




  1. I think this is the only party I’m sad I missed! Kendall LOVES those Hex Buggs. I brought some home last year, Santa gave him a couple in his stocking, and, luckily, Mandy and Mae gave me theirs from the party this year. He has a whole colony now! I think that was a good swap for you though. Those dolls don’t look like they take tiny expensive batteries that die at rapid rates.

  2. I always figure *someone* will want any given swag item I receive. Although to be honest, I haven’t even unpacked any of it yet because this week has been too crazy.

    • I left a lot behind this year, mainly food which I could have used during my airline fiasco plus drive back to como.

  3. I’m sad I missed this party…stupid flight delay!

    I’m glad I spent about 2 hours at 2am on Saturday night sorting through swag.

    I brought 5 bags of swag to the Swag Exchange Room, and managed to fit what I really wanted in my suitcases!

    It would have been harder if I made this party!

  4. I used to love those glitter filled tubes when I was a kid (and even a teenager). I had a keychain charm with one that I had forgotten about till now. Will have to find some for Alexa, she’d love it!

  5. It’s so weird to hear the perspective of a mom of GIRLS. I gave away the dolls to some little girl friends of my son. Although my grip on the fairy doll was pretty tight. I like dolls. Still.

    Here’s the trick to the big hexbugs. Show up during the last 10 minutes of the last swag suite of the entire conference when the vendors are cleaning up and they will load you up with whatever they have.


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