New Food Site : Foodiacs!

Totally intrigued by this new site Foodiacs that launched today.

The deets: “Foodiacs is tailored to people who are passionate about food and will connect them with product offerings that are exclusive to the site. Each Foodiacs offering will be available for only a limited time, and at a limited quantity, and will not match any offer at any other online retail outlet.”


As a small city dweller, I don’t have access to a food specialty store so I can see myself becoming addicted to this site. The first offering is a mushroom growing set from Back to Roots. Each “Foodiac” that purchases two boxes will receive a third box and classroom curriculum to be donated to the school of their choice. Cool concept.


Tempting, very tempting. If it got the girls to eat oyster mushrooms, it would totally be worth it. The deals launch every one to two weeks on Tuesdays. Do you see yourself buying things from the site? Next year they plan to partner with the food industry for exclusive tastings, culinary tours and educational experiences and I think that will be more up my alley.


For more information visit: or follow Foodiacs on Facebook and Twitter.


  1. I love to eat mushrooms, but… um… I don’t want to see them grow. That video skeeved me out.
    Yes, I’m so weird. I have no problem knowing where my meat came from but I think watching mushrooms grow is gross.

  2. Chris Baccus says:

    I’m with Claire that the video isn’t the best sales tool though I have to admit I bet my 5 year old twin boys would actually enjoy watching it grow. Doubtful they’ll eat the mushrooms but I will.

    • I have twins too Chris! They’re four. 🙂
      The girls actually loved the video. Made me want to order it just to see if they would eat the mushrooms. Of course they would expect them to grow in seconds so that could be a problem.

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