My New Favorite Thing is Me

This post was sponsored by domain.ME and is part of the #ThisIsMe campaign; however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

There’s something about turning forty that makes you ponder things. My fortieth is actually in 2016 but as I reflected upon 2014 and the choices and things that had happened, a theme of wanting to do better emerged. And while I was would like to do better in parenting and marriage and cooking and so on, one of the things I really want to do better in 2015 is take care of my, myself, and I.

This is ME recognizing that I am the only person who knows what’s best for ME. And when I am happy to be ME, I am happier and a better spouse, mother, and friend to those around ME. At the end of the day if I don’t take care of ME, I am doing a disservice to those around ME and of course, ME. It feels weird to say ME, ME, ME and celebrate ME but I like ME and I need to treat myself as well as I treat others.

So these are my ME resolutions for 2015:
1. Get my eyebrows waxed on a regular basis. At the very least I can do that every five weeks. It’s worth the $20!
2. Go to a real hairdresser and spend more than $10 on a haircut.
3. Find a doctor, not a resident this time, and get back on track healthwise.
4. Don’t wait for my husband to tell me to go out. If I want to go see a movie on the weekend, do it.
5. Give myself a break when it comes to parenting. I am not the worst mother in the world.
6. Treat myself like I would my friends.
7. Exercise, not to get skinny, but because it feels good, physically and mentally.
8. Throw out clothes that don’t fit
9. Get a massage for godsake! At least one!
10. Make more friends. And spend more time with the ones I have.
11. Clean the house once and for all because it feels better when it’s done.
12. Make travel more of a priority.
13. Learn to meditate.
14. Take up yoga on a regular basis again. Actually study it this time.
15. Write more!!!

I hope you will join ME!
What are your own ME resolutions?

Today’s post was inspired by “ME Day” which was created by domain.ME. “ME Day” will be held March 16, 2015, and is meant to “celebrate the values of diversity, tolerance and freedom, as well as self-appreciation and importance of taking care of ourselves”. You can read more about “ME Day” on their site. You could even get a customized domain.ME in celebration of “ME Day”.

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