Celebrations : My Little Pony Birthday Party

Friendship really is magic so to celebrate my twins’ seventh birthday, we invited a few friends over. Here is how I planned double the fun for way less than double the price!

My Little Pony Party How To

That cake!
Details below…

Home parties are where it’s at in this house.
With twin girls that are in two different classes, plus playgroups friends, the potential party guest list is rather lengthy . I grew up with the be kind and polite mantra and to me that means not inviting anyone from those places if we can not invite them all. Throwing a party at a local gym or Chuck E Cheese is way too expensive, so a get together at home with our playgroup is my go to.

The focus is on simplicity: fun and good food.
But that doesn’t mean it can’t be special!

My Little Pony Party Decorations

For decorations, I always look to what we have first. Since the girls obsession led to this party theme, I just had to raid the My Little Pony catch all. Bigger pieces were used as accents to the gift and favor table. I used the smaller ponies on food trays as well as putting a few in mason jars on top of candy for an eye catching decoration. To jazz it up a bit, I ordered a couple of items from Oriental Trading Company. Namely their awesome tablecloth and glitter.


One of our playgroup friends has food allergies, so we keep our allergen free. As a bonus, it’s healthier too! The menu included: a fruit rainbow, pretzels and chips, mini sandwiches, and vegan cupcakes with pink and purple frosting and My Little Pony rings on top. All of these were quick to put together and much less expensive than catering in or buying packaged food.


My Little Pony Party Food


To set the tone, I set up a ponification station so that every kiddo could get ponified when  they walked in the door.  Sometimes the simplest things are the biggest hits! Ours consisted of two different color hair sprays, clip in extensions in wild colors, and My Little Pony tattoos.  When kids entered, they were directed to the kitchen and given their choice of what to do. A friend helped me put on the tattoos while I handled the hair spray. This was by for the most popular event, with girls and boys!

My Little Pony Party Activity

But what’s a party without games? So we had two of those too!

1) Pass Pinkie Pie : While the My Little Pony theme song played, the kiddos passed a large Pinkie Pie. When the music stopped, the person holding Pinkie Pie was out. Each kid that was “out’ got a Smarties pack to keep the tears and “no fairs” at bay. The last person holding Pinkie Pie won a My Little Pony playset from Target.

2) Pin the tail on Pinkie Pie : We ordered the game from Oriental Trading and then picked up a Twilight Sparkle mask to make it even more fun.

Pin the Tail on Pinky Pie

The Cake!

Double My Little Pony Cake

We worked with a local baker to make our cake. This is where working with small businesses pays off. I sent them several inspiration pictures and then talked about what we could afford to pay. The result was a cake that looked great and tasted amazing. Since I was not sure of their kitchen, I made allergy safe cupcakes for the kids, topped with rings that doubled as favors.


  1. So fun and creative! My youngest loves My Little Pony. She would love to have a party like this one. Thanks for sharing how to set one up!

  2. Oh my word I love that Ponification Station! So cute!

  3. WOW! This looks like it was such a FUN time! My Little Pony is SO popular now, again, as it was when I was a little girl! I really like the wild color hair extensions! I bet the girls had a blast with those!

  4. I’ve got a boy so he’s not a My Little Pony fan, but I’m going to steal, I mean borrow that rainbow fruit idea. Love it!

  5. Adorable! Love this party theme.

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