School Drop Off Tips for the Nonchalant Mom


Just got back from the dreaded drop off. Not dreaded because of the drop off itself. Instead that is a reason for celebration. I have once again managed to make it to school and see the terror twins inside. They are someone else’s problem for the next seven hours. Suckers!

The dread is all about those fraught hurried minutes of getting yourself and your kids to school and them out of your car and into the building. Sure I could put them on the bus, but it picks up almost an hour before school starts. And school is only ten minutes away. Even I, the meanest mommy in the the world, am not that cruel.

Lucky for you, I have perfected the drop off this year. No more emabaressed nods of aknowledgements to the other late parents. No more pulling them along as we run to beat the late bell. Just call me the school drop off Queen. All I need is the above rocking Kia to make it official. We do need a new car and I think that Kia would be the perfect reward for my kick booty skills.

Read on for my five tips!

1. Have the right car. My husband doesn’t realize it, but I am totally not joking about getting the Kia dealership to custom paint a Sportage for me with stars. It’s the perfect drop off car because you can SIT YOUR KIDS IN DIFFERENT ROWS. Morning arguments? Poof! Gone!

2. Park in the same place every day. The signals to other parents that it is your space. Sure it’s not official but it’s funny how people will begin to avoid it. Wonder Woman arm bands to aim at them are totally optional.

3. Make everything a routine. Backpacks by the door, shoes by the door, library books by the door. Our entryway may look like a student themed trash heap but everything is ready to go! I throw the heap in the spacious front seat of the family mobile and we are on our way.

4. Car snacks make tears hard. I like to finish my kids breakfast off with a snack in the car. Especially a crunchy snack like an apple. When their mouths are full they can’t protest going to class or argue with each other.

5. Behold the power of the crosswalk. Didn’t have time to change out of your pajamas? No worries. Behold the power of the crosswalk. It renders you invisible since you can stand on one side of it and shoo your angels across to the other side where they are met by crossing guards who shoo them towards the lines.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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