My 75 Dollar Summer Wardrobe

Ever since I wrote my post about getting rid of the mom uniform for the Secret Style Suite contest from Mom’s Fashion File, I’ve been feeling a little more schlubby than usual. There’s something about realizing that I wear the same thing every day that made me a wee bit ashamed. Seriously, I used to be something of a fashion plate. Have I really descended so far into rutville that I need to call in fashionistas to rescue me.

Looking at my closet this morning, my answer was yes. But the mom uniform doesn’t work as well in the summer. And there was the ad from Target staring up at me while my kids screamed at me. So I shoved them my husband’s way and set off for some clothes trying on and some mindless aisle browsing for good measure.

I limited myself to the Merona stuff on sale. Because if I don’t limit myself at Target I end up browsing the clearance aisle and buying clothes for lives I don’t lead. Like this hot pink strapless dress which will hopefully make an appearance at BlogHer. Because it’s a little much for the playground. I managed to pick up several things to mix and match, all for the low price of $75 (with a coupon.) Woo! I should be cool literally if not cool figuratively during my summer of full time hands on parenting.

Want to see what I picked? Check out my Summer Wardrobe Pinterest Board.


  1. I buy too many clothes at target. I have to admit that I bought a maternity maxi dress, stuck a belt on it and LOVE it.

    On your previous post, I mentioned some of the mom clothing blogs. Here are 3 I follow. (her Wed posts)

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