Life Moves Pretty Fast…

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All weekend this quote from Ferris has been running through my head.

It seems just yesterday my girls were crawling instead of running.
Didn’t my husband and I just meet?
Wasn’t it just last week I was moving here from Minnesota wondering if I would ever make new mom friends?

But it can’t be because my girls are now officially old enough to play outside by themselves.
My husband and I celebrated eleven years of marriage on Saturday.
And I co-hosted a baby shower with a friend for another mom from our playgroup.

Yep, life moves pretty fast.
That’s why I thank the heavens for smart phones.

I was a long hold out, not getting one until three years ago. And after a day I texted my husband and told him I could never be without one again. For a long time I used that same first phone (an iPhone 3s) before finally switching over to an android system. And boy, I am never going back. Now I know why my husband loved his Windows phone so much (he recently switched because his Windows phone died, whomp whomp.)

Bill Gates, I am sorry for all those nasty things I said about you.
Windows is rocking my world once again.

Speed: “Faster than a kid reaching for a cupcake”
Touch: “More touchable than velvet.”
Speed: “More info than my husband”

If I could write haikus, I would write one for you!

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  1. Yes… it goes soooo fast, yet only seems like yesterday ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Mmm love me some smart phone. and Ferris Bueller ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Time sure does go fast! I’m celebrating 19 years of marriage in a few weeks. How am I old enough to be married almost as long as I was not? Love where I am and – love my smartphone.

  4. Smart Phones can do SOOOO much these days!

  5. It does go by way to fast indeed! Unbelievable what those phones can do, now if they only would clean the house too!

  6. You’ve had a smart phone longer than I have! lol I have an android, but unfortunately it’s not aw awesome as yours. I too can’t believe how fast time flies.

  7. I have a smart phone but unfortunately it’s one of the less productive ones. I still wouldn’t ‘go back’ though. As far as things moving so fast, I totally agree… It seems like just yesterday that I was meeting my husband for the first time…. TY for sharing!

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