Monday Giveaway : What I Love About You, Mom Journal

Just in time for Mother’s Day, I have a giveaway for a , a lovely journal. It’s packed with checklists, fill-in-the-blanks and spaces for photos and drawings and more. Personal and heartfelt, this gift is for those who like to find unique ways to express their love. Fill it out and give it to your mom. Or share it with your children and begin to fill it out together. What a fun Mother’s Day activity that would be!

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Here’s a description:
“Mother’s Day is just around the corner and instead of the typical flowers and a card, you want to show why and how much Mom has been an inspiration. So what do you get a mother that has given a lifetime worth of comfort, advice, wisdom and love? From the creators of bestselling guided journals such as My Life Map, Picture of Me and The Book of Us, Kate and David Marshall have composed and designed a lovely journal that celebrates the exceptional bond between mother and child.” target=”_blank”> WHAT I LOVE ABOUT YOU, MOM (a Plume Original, on sale April 2013, $14) is the perfect way to express gratitude and share memories in new and meaningful ways for the hardworking mother.”

Examples of the writing prompts:

I was proud to be your child when…
I love that you DON’T do this…
I’m glad I listened to you (or wish I had) when you told me this…
One of the best gifts you’ve even give m (or others) was…
Thank you for NOT…
I admire how much you know about…

This is an inexpensive gift with an invaluable impact!

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  1. I am grateful that my mom didn’t push me to be something I am not.

  2. I’m so glad my mom didn’t pressure me to be Barbie-like and instead encouraged me to excel at arts, sports, academics…ballet, gymnastics, basketball, painting, summer scholars.
    And she made sure I invited *everyone* to my birthday parties. My mom rocks.

  3. I completely adore journals – first off. 🙂
    I was so glad that my mother homeschooled me. It taught me a love of learning new things and challenging myself to grow that I have never lost.

  4. Kelley Johnsen says:

    I really wanted to go away to a certain school my first year of college. She said that the path I thought I wanted was not the right path for me. I am so glad she said no, because I never would have meat my husband and had the children I now have.

  5. Megan Fisher says:

    I’m extremely grateful that my mother did not EVER forget to tell me she loved me! I think it’s very important to tell your children you love them as often as you can! I know bc of my mom, I tell my kids about a thousand times a day that I love them!

  6. I am thankful that my mom never told me what I had to become. She let me follow my dream!

  7. My grateful my mother didn’t have high expectations for me. lol She always told me to be happy first and worry about everything else second.

  8. I love my mom most for NOT suppressing me from fulfilling my dreams. She was a realist, but still allowed me the luxury of being creative and spirited in my music.

  9. I am grateful she did not give up on herself in her pain.

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