Monday Giveaway : Parenting With Crappy Pictures

Want to be LMAO IRL?
Then enter to win a copy of Amber Dusick’s book Parenting: Illustrated with Crappy Pictures which was just released (congrats Amber!)

These stores will make you laugh while you wince in recognition. As long as you are a parent. And if you aren’t, well you probably pick up a copy just in case you become one. It will let you know what you are in for. This book would be a bad ass baby shower gift. Or even an even better “you survived the first year” gift for the parents on a child’s first birthday. Do as I do, and include a bottle.

Seriously, I was laughing and recognition as I read every word.

Amber, who’s been a Twitter friend for a while, captures just how craptastic parenting can be. It’s no wonder PARENTING: ILLUSTRATED WITH CRAPPY PICTURES was named Funniest Mom Blog 2011 by Parents magazine and the Best Parenting Weblog in the 2012 Bloggie Awards.
Click through to win!

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  1. Jeremy B says:

    I’ll be a parent in August. I guess that means I should check this out. 🙂

  2. Kristin V. says:

    I WANT!! This looks amazing. There was this time that my kiddo MAY have peed in a Target shopping cart. Ummm yeah.

  3. Danielle says:

    I am sure I have too many to mention! Recently I dropped the Pumpkin Seat with the baby still in it…

  4. Danielle says:

    Wait – I have a better one! I sat Tessa in front of the TV so I could make dinner. She snuck away and covered herself and all of the bathroom walls with Vaseline. That does not clean up easily.

  5. Crappiest parenting moment had to be when I found out my teenager was sneaking out of the house at night.

  6. Oh man just one lol kidding kidding. Well my most recent would be when I found a tick on my daughter, the one child who has a true phobia of bugs. Naturally I freaked out internally and being a Cali girl with no tick experience I threw the kids in the car & took her to the Dr to have them take care of it. Yes I was too scared to do it myself out of fear that I would rip the body off and not the head.

  7. When I get frustrated with a situatiuon and then snap at the kids!

  8. I’ve had far too many crappy parenting moments to choose just one, but if I had too I think it would be the time my son got into the Windex and drank it thinking it was a weird looking juice box!

  9. I am pregnant and don’t have any moments yet but I’m sure I will have plenty :))

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