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Growing up Irish Catholic, Easter was the pinnacle of spring celebrations. I can still close my eyes and picture myself in church on Easter Sunday morning. The hard bench on my bare legs (no matter how erratic the Texas weather was, we always wore dresses on Easter); the chocolate eggs and jellybeans secreted in my pocket, all the sweeter after the penance of Lent. I loved the first singing of Alleluia in weeks. And after mass, there was ham and cake and easter egg hunts.

Now I am a grown up with two little girls of my own and an Easter to plan. This holiday magic is harder than I thought. I do not have the fortitude of my mother who blew out dozens of eggs for us to color (the lungs on that woman!) and I don’t have her traditions to carry on either.

My husband and I aren’t religious which we agreed meant celebrating Easter with our kids was not in the plans. Until they turned two and an aunt sent bunny ears and a friend invited us over for an egg hunt. Once I saw them hopping around in excitement as they found egg after egg, I knew we were sunk.

Now we’re deep into the basket, breakfast, and egg hunt. Of course without family in town and no church to go to, our plans are a little unconventional. We’ve still got the big reveal from the Easter bunny in the mornings. But there’s bacon and mimosas too. The eggs are filled with stickers, pennies, and Annie’s Bunny Grahams because I know I would be the one eating all the jelly beans. And ham, that’s a bit much for the four of us, so we’ll be eating mac and cheese for dinner instead.

What are your plans? Do they take the traditional route? Or the heathen boozy route like ours?


  1. This year I think it will just be us. Fidget told me yesterday that on Easter morning he has to come downstairs and check out the front door to see if the easter bunny left him anything, so I guess we’ll be putting easter baskets outside the front door from now on. No church, but probably an Easter egg hunt in our yard. It will be a low-key, easy day. Yay for stress free holidays!

  2. We’re living it up traditional style. This is the first time, though, that I’m attending church on Good Friday. Later today we’ll be shopping, dying eggs, and just enjoy simply family time together. Tomorrow will be egg hunts, pictures, and possibly planting in my flower beds. Sunday we’ll be back at church and then a family dinner.

    Just found you through Mama Dweeb and look forward to your 15byJune workout posts!


  3. This is the first year that our Easter is going to be different. Our son is away at college, and will not arrive until about noon Sunday, so we will not have the traditional Easter morning festivities (eggs, candy, big mid-afternoon meal). It will probably be more like yours though, a good late day meal, some wine, and spending time with the family we have.

  4. Impossible to deny yourselves the fun of watching your two little girls enjoy egg hunting. Glad you caved anyway. Don’t be afraid of traditions you once shared. They really are fun memories. Even my big kids love the thrill of the hunt. Funny thing, I find undiscovered plastic eggs during my gardening endeavors. Our Easter meal will be early Sunday, hubz works later in the day, kids are older with their own lives so stealing precious fun times with them is a bonus. Enjoy your cute family and take more pictures.
    PS Thanks for visiting.

  5. Our Easter plans were easy this year. But at the same time it makes it hard. Both the girls (Brad’s kids) and Noah (my son) were with the other parent this year. Our house was kidless. We did not do much of anything remarkable ourselves, which is in itself remarkable (we slept in! that’s huge!) but we put together easter baskets and they awaited the kids on their return. We try to keep the kids holiday schedules somewhat in-sync so that we have a little time to ourselves when they are all gone and we can all be together as a family when they are with us. As pretty non-religious individuals ourself (at least non-church going) we have given the holiday to our more religious former counterparts and barring any significant change, that is pretty much what easter will be like for us in all of the coming years.

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