Mini Breaks with Mini Babybel

“Mini Babybel provided me with product, a $50 movie gift card, a fort building kit, a board game, and a sweepstakes entry for this post. No other compensation was provided.”

Early in the year, Mini Babybel contacted me about writing a post about the family weekend. Of course I said yes. Because I love those little cheese wheels. But then life happened, and I kept waiting for the perfect time for all four of us to break out the package and have a perfect weekend.

HA! As anyone with kids knows, weekends can be more packed than the week. And the terror twins don’t even play sports! So as the weeks sped by the little cheeses started to disappear and the box of fun games and movie tickets sat sad and neglected.

So I took a new approach: mini breaks…

One Saturday, we sat down and spend an hour playing games. No phones allowed at the table. And no adult cheats (you parents know what I am talking about.) And when we got anxious during the endless rounds of Life, we had a Mini Babybel cheese to keep us going. My husband and I LOVED the White Cheddar ones. The girls kept complaining that we were eating them all. Sorry kiddos, we need energy to get through you deciding how many kids to have.

The next weekend, we went to see Kung Fu Panda 3, sneaking in some cheeses for snacks along with out favorite lollipops (don’t tell!) Again, we really tried to concentrate on being present. Instead of our minds wandering, we both watched the film and watched the girls’ reactions to it. It was awesome seeing how much they got the more layered jokes. Made me realize that they are really maturing.

As for the fort building, we haven’t gotten to that. Yet. But I am confident that we will find a space for it soon. Once I let go of perfection and the need for quality time, I was actually able to enjoy the time we were spending together. A huge thank you to Mini Babybel for bringing a little more fun and a lot more enjoyment of that fun into our weekends!

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