Fast Food Fridays : Michael Angelo’s

Fast food is never more tempting to me than in the summer. It just seems so much easier to just order a pizza at the pool or have the husband pick up something on the way home. Forget the family meal, it’s more like shove some food in the kids’ mouths before they go to sleep.

We need more dinners like this…

Michael Angelos for Dinner

Especially since fast food is expensive now that the girls are eating less like birds and more like humans. And amazingly unhealthy. My husband recently told me the calorie total of my favorite fast food dinner and I shed a few tears. So when Michael Angelo’s asked me if I would like to try their new family entrees for dinner, my answer was a resounding YES!

They armed me with a gift card for Walmart and I headed off to pick up dinner. For under $25, i got all this…

Michael Angelos Family Entree dinner

Prep was a snap: take the dish out of the box and put it in the oven, toss the salad together, and tear up the bread. Then spend forty five minutes picking up and running yet another load of towels and swimsuits. And no clean up! The grown ups had some wine; the kids had some lemonade; and we all sat around together and actually talked.

Even with convenience food, I try to keep it clean. Michael Angelo’s slogan is real food with real ingredients and when I checked out the ingredients I found that to be true. There was not a thing I did not recognize and only one thing I don’t have my own kitchen (soy bean oil.) The quality comes through in the taste. My husband went back for seconds and my kids actually ate eggplant.

if you’re a fan of Italian food and a fan of taking a night off from the stove and drive thru window, I suggest picking up a couple of their family entrees to stick in the freezer. Their website has a $1 off coupon right now.

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