New Toy Thursday : Melissa and Doug Sand Toys Review

Remember when I posted my summer bucket list and resolved to have more fun outdoors with the girls? In a rare moment of pitch kismet, the same week I received a review oppourtunity for Melissa and Doug sand toys. Being a huge Melissa and Doug fan, I jumped on the chance to try out some of their toys with the girls.


We received the box right after we returned from our summer vacation. Just in time for a long hot July at home. The girls were eager to dig in and oooed an ahhed over the toys.  They couldn’t wait to take them to the park the next day. Then when we got there, they refused to play with them.  I chalked it up to the excitement of seeing the park for the first time in a few weeks and packed up the items for the next day. The Seaside Baking Kit is awesome for that by the way.  With some careful packing, you can fit everything into the bucket and put the lid on so nothing gets lost.


But the next day they weren’t having it either. I didn’t get it, sand play and pretend baking are two of their favorite things. The combo should have been made of winning.  But the M&D toys were left orphaned until scavengers (other kids) picked them up and started gleefully making sand cupcakes and happily digging away. As much as I loved being the cool mom at the park I was kind of annoyed at my girls for not loving on the sea themed sand toys. So I packed them away and forgot about them until I was foraging for “new” (read: something put away for awhile) toys for the girls in the “boring” pre-school weeks.


And wow, did they love them. I guess my mistake was thinking they would want to use sand toys in a sandbox.  Duh mom, they are so much more awesome in the dirt for outdoor cooking and in the bathtub.

The Girls Top Five Uses For Sand Toys

1) Sifting flour while baking with me. Why cranks a sifter when you can use a starfish?

2)  Dirt cupcakes for worm birthday parties

3) Whisking rocks for rock salads

4) Wearing the buckets as hats to fish tea parties

5)  Pirate sword fights, because what pirate wouldn’t want to use an octopus whisk to fight with?


Want your kids to embark on similar adventures? Melissa and Doug is letting me giveaway a toy package of four of their sea themed toys including: Seaside Sidekicks Sand Cupcake Set , Seaside Sidekicks Sand Baking Set, Clicker Crab Pail and Scoop , and Seaside Sidekicks Sand Molding Set.


To enter: just leave me a comment telling me why you want to win. For an extra entry,  join the Melissa and Doug Treasured Toy Club, then come back and leave a comment telling me you did so.


  1. What kid doesn’t like pretend baking and digging? Now that it is actually cool enough to go outside for more than 15 minutes at a time – all three of my little monkeys would love, love, love to the opportunity to dig and cook with these toys!

  2. I want to win, because my son loves digging and playing with his imagination. He have a giant dirt/clay area of our yard near the driveway he loves to dig at. We currently need to get him some new shovels though, because all of his currently are broken or missing from rough boy play. I am certain the M&D ones could take more of a beating than dollar store ones!

  3. Joined the treasured toy club and sort of surprised I hadn’t already!

  4. pick me! pick me! wisks are my son’s favorite kitchen utensil, and i can just imagine his joy at using a star to sift the flour for pancakes!

  5. My boys love sand and pretend baking, too. This stuff would be perfect for them.

  6. I joined the Treasured Toy Club.

  7. Joined the toy club!

  8. I would love to win these for my nephew … they are the cutest beach toys ever and we’d have a blast playing with them together!

  9. Just joined the treasured toy club.

    I want to win because these toys would be perfect for my daughter’s first trip to the beach (Florida) at the end of this month.

  10. I was just looking at some of their fun toys today, then I see this. :o) I signed up for the toy club also. Thanks!

  11. I love Melissa and Doug. I worked at a toy store for awhile and fell in love with their stuff. I hate toys that obnoxious and loud. Their toys are perfect for imaginative play.

  12. Awesome! Why would I like to win? Because my 2 1/2 yr old little girl would enjoy these particular toys so much! Here’s why they would be such a good fit:

    She believes every major event should be celebrated with cupcakes, which are her favorite dessert; when we go to the neighborhood park, she goes right to the slide and sets up her imaginary bakery underneath – complete with drive thru window (the ladder); when she’s crabby we tell her she woke up on the wrong side of the crab cage that morning ; and every evening I shake about 20 lbs of sand out of her shoes, because she loves playing in the sandbox at daycare.

    I love the quality non-plastic toys that M&D create, so am glad you’re giving them away to be played with…some lucky kid will have a lot of fun! 🙂

  13. Sand Molding Set

  14. I want to win because I’m sure my boy would love playing with these toys in the bathtub and in the yard.

  15. I signed up for the Treasured Toy Club.

  16. I love Melissa and Doug, and with us living in year round warmth, we are in need of some sand toys for our almost 2 year old to play with.

  17. Signed up for their program with this email.

  18. Why would I like to win? Let’s see…
    1) We live in San Diego and go to the beach all the time (shout out for the West Side).
    2) If my kids are going to eat sand, it might as well be in the shape of cupcakes.

  19. LOVE LOVE M & D! And my guys love playing in the sand (I hate it, of course). We only have boring buckets and shovels. This would be awesome!

  20. My sons would ROCK these toys. I love toys that my 2, 4, and 6-year-old will ALL enjoy. The M&D sand goodies would totally freak them out in a completely awesome way. WINNING!

  21. I signed up for Melissa & Doug’s Treasured Toy Club.

    BTW…another reason to love them…they listed blogger as an occupation! Sheer awesome.

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