Making Life Simpler With Target Phramacy

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So did everyone see this hilarious blog post about a trip to Target? I can’t relate at all.

This is so me. Target totally draws me in with their awesome style. And their spa like shopping experience. Yeah, there are no woodwind sounds (thank goodness) but clean aisles, in store caffeinated drinks, and cool items are pretty much the spa treatment for this stressed out mom. And hey they even have lounges and scented candles, though the staff frowns upon you laying on them and huffing the candle scent. Not that I would know. *cough*

Naturally, given my love, I haven’t been able to give them up even during my bug year long shopping ban. The good news is I don’t have too. Because Target is more than just a cool clothing and stylish paper dispensary. There has always been the rumor that Target can do it all for you. And now that my town finally has a nice new remodeled one, I know the rumors are true. We have groceries! And wine! And natural meats!

And best of all, .

No longer am I trekking across town to pick up the various prescriptions that keep us in working order (and upright!) Instead I can go into Target drop off my prescription and then grocery shop and ogle the newest home collection. They text me when it’s ready so theoretically I could leave the store and go elsewhere but I prefer to linger over the clothes and think about what I would buy if I weren’t abstaining. My imaginary Spring wardrobe is so killer, you can’t even imagine.

Plus they have pet prescriptions too! And clever ClearRx bottles are easy to open and color coded so I am not giving Twin A’s medicine to Twin B. And they do vaccinations in store so you can avoid the doctor’s office. I swear I get sick every time I walk into one.

Don’t take it from me, trust a much better source: J.D. Power ranked Target Pharmacy, “Highest in customer satisfaction among mass merchandiser pharmacies?”

Want to try it for yourself? Target is inviting you to Flip the Script. Think of this as an invitation to transfer to Target Pharmacy. You can do it in-store, online or on their mobile device. Which I should probably investigate so I can avoid temptation.

Who am I kidding?
Target, I can’t quit you.

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