Lunch Break : TaiPei Foods

Hey, hey Taipei let me try their food and sponsored my post. Thanks guys!

TaiPei Foods Single Serving Lunch Break

As someone who spends the majority of time at home, lunch often happens in front of the computer. Or in front of the TV. Or in passing as I grab snatches of food when I pass through the kitchen. So not grown up. This Fall I swore to make myself more of a priority but here it is October, and I am still eating pretzels dipped in mustard for lunch (it’s a thing; for real.)

I am hoping this new Lunch Break feature on my blog will encourage me to eat actual meals instead of snacks. Ideally meals that will also satisfy my taste buds enough to keep me from reaching for the chocolate come two pm.

Up first: Tai Pei Asian Garden single serve entrees.

I tried two of the entrees, just to get a feel. In the future, one is more than enough! I love that they come in little take out containers that you stick directly into the microwave to cook. No dishes makes me happy! And I can stick a pair of chopsticks in the box and eat at my computer if need be.

I actually put the General Tso’s chicken on the plate you so could get a good luck at it (that’s it in the photo above.) This definitely stopped my Chinese food cravings (I live up the street from a great place.) And at $1.87 on sale, it was definitely cheaper. Warning though: they aren’t kidding about the spiciness; my taste buds were tingling.

One aspect I love about these entrees are the amount of vegetables in them. Asian Garden isn’t just a name. Take a look at my fried rice:
TaiPei Asian Garden Fried Rice
And another thing I love? The small ingredient list. And if you want to narrow it down even further with either, skip the sauce packets (though they are tasty!)

These are definitely going on my shopping list!
Want to try them yourself? Snag a coupon here or in my sidebar!


  1. Yum, that looks amazing!!

  2. i love me some general tso’s chicken.

    so yummy.

  3. These sound perfect for dinner. I love how convenient they are and the great flavors/varieties to pick from!

  4. I have to say that I was really surprised at how loaded with veggies they are too. That made me happy! I like the fried rice one the most so far!

  5. I love spicy! That wouldn’t deter me at all!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I am now craving some rice!

  7. I love having these cartons in the freezer. I always crave Chinesse

  8. Mmmm General Tso’s is my FAV!!

  9. I feel like we are twins here! I, too, scarf my lunch in front of the computer each day and dip weird things in mustard. I had the Tai Pei General Tso’s for lunch today and I concur on the spiciness, but it was good!

  10. I LOVE that they are in those containers, how simple!

  11. I love to have these for lunch. They are very convenient and good quality. My kids actually like these as well.

  12. yum! that looks tasty ๐Ÿ™‚

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