Look Mom, I Am a Real Professional!

So you may have noticed I have been almost completely offline most of this year. My life was a mess and something had to give. Turns out that something was personal blogging.

The truth is, I can’t do it all. At least I couldn’t in my totally disorganized state. Since I had started working from home last spring (in addition to my work at home job as indentured servant) my house and life had continually spiraled towards disasterdom. And I so wasn’t taking good care of myself, my autoimmune disease was in full flareup due to my snacking diet and the ten pounds I gained from it. So in January, I stopped all personal blogging, finished up my current contracts, and concentrated on getting my house and life organized.

What a difference! Now that my house is in order and my schedule organised, I have a clear mind (and space!) to work in. No more working on contracts and projects at two am. No more uninspired review posts. No more constant sickness from being run down.

After I got my house in working order, it was time to get my work life in order. I needed to stop making the kitchen table my desk, especially when I had a perfectly nice home office waiting for me downstairs. For some reason I had decided it would be better filled with everything I did not have a place for. I am not going to lie, those things got moved to the guest room instead of disappearing, but now I have a clean space. With a door that shuts.

Next up was my schedule. I was trying to fit work in when I had free moments. And as a parent, those moments were few and far between. That’s how I ended up working until two in the morning every night. Now my family, friends, and the girls’ school know that I am just not sitting at home eating bonbons, I am working from 9-12 and 1-4 and cannot be disturbed during those times. I do paperwork on Saturdays and personal blogging on Sundays. I also started saying no more and pulled out of everything that wasn’t enriching my life. My priorities are my family, my work, and my friends. And my sanity too.

So that’s how I got my life back and turned into an actual worker, albeit one that works in sweatpants. I would love to hear what your tips are for keeping sane while working at home. Got any advice for me?


  1. Good for you! Sounds like you have things organized and moving forward – and yes, sometimes something’s gotta give.

    I find that keeping to a schedule works for me. I have a certain time frame to do my work and take scheduled breaks, otherwise I’m all willy nilly and nothing gets done. Also? NO YouTube! I learned that lesson well.

  2. I was wondering where you were. You’re a smart cookie for making the changes you did! I’m slowing down too due to my health.

  3. I have two projects to finish up and then I have sworn not to volunteer for anything unless it’s really, really important to me. Better to do a good job at one or two things instead of a half-assed job at 20, especially at home!

  4. Wow. Good for you!

    I’m so impressed that you took the time to get so organized. It’s funny I also have a desk downstairs but I end up working with my laptop on my lap on the couch. LOL

  5. Keep your desk clean, at least at the end of your day clear off all the garbage and dirty dishes. It’s a sanity saver and will prevent you from losing stuff.

  6. You are describing me! Wow. Thanks for your honesty. This makes me realize (I already know it) I’m due for a vacation. A break. A reassessment.

  7. Great post, thanks for sharing!

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