Look Good, Feel Better

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It’s gratifying to me when I can use my small space on the internet to share information about something I believe so wholeheartedly in. My aunt suffered terribly during chemo and still does. I am so glad there are oganizations out there like Look Good, Feel Better helping women through this hard time.

Please click through and take a moment or two to learn more about this program!



  1. What an awesome idea! The app looks really cool, too!

  2. Awe, this is a great thing! I know my friend Annie would have done so much better had she have been able to use something like this when she was undergoing chemo.

  3. I haven’t used the app, but during chemo I went to LGFG class at my hospital. It’s so much more than “looking good.” A room full of women going through cancer, who can talk, but the emphasis isn’t on talking, which somehow feels more freeing to open up. I went with a friend’s prompting (she was in chemo too and wanted to go). I’m so glad I did!

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