LiveOn at SXSWi : Go Midwest!

Wow, SXSW Interactive. That was intense man. I kept thinking the entire time I was there that I couldn’t wait to get home and write about it. It’s just such a different experience than the blogging and marketing conferences I have gone to. The conference basically takes over that section of Austin and there is an event or session for almost any thing you can think of. Even five days wasn’t enough to take it all in.

I’ve decided that it will probably take five days to really do it justice so I have been working on posts to post all next week. But I couldn’t resist sneaking in a post about LiveOn. I am currently an ambassador for them and was so excited when my husband and business partner met them out one night. It was like they had a brush with a real life celebrity. I begged my business partner to dig up the card and email them but, perhaps put off by my stalker like enthusiasm, he refused.

So I didn’t get to meet them in person but I was thrilled that I could cheer for them at the Interactive Awards. They were a finalist in the Technical Achievement category. SXSWi describes this sites/companies in this category as…

These are the projects that are re-inventing and re-defining the technical parameters of our online experience.

And to that I give a big ole HELL YES. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to play around with LiveOn as much as I would like because I’ve been dragging my heels on my conversion kit (they scan all your photos for you, yeeha!) because due to moving and an unfortunate incident where my husband threw out a bag of photos, I don’t have that many actual photos. So my mom just brought me a bunch from home and soon I will send them off and regale my followers and friends with pictures of me as an akward girl scout.

Holy tangent there.

Anyway, as I was saying, I totally get why LiveOn was nominated in the technical achievement category because they have totally taken the online photo album idea to a whole new level. It’s more like a newfangled scrapbook. Without the rick rack of course because mama likes rick rack on her dresses, not on her photos.

They do this whole interactive time capsule thing where you can add in memories and thoughts and audio clips, etc. etc. so it’s like diving into a memory. It will make you want to share those awkward photos too. I promise.

The best part? They are based in KC (Kansas City) so take that coast cities. We’ve got a whole bunch of awesomeness going on in the Midwest. We’re not just the fly overs anymore.


  1. Looks like an interesting service, but not a ton on their website? Is there a cost? How did you become an Ambassador?

    • Hi Meagan,

      I became an ambassador through the Clever Girls Collective. It was an added bonus that Live On is a Missouri company. There is a cost for their scanning services (well worth it.) I suggest logging in and giving it a try!

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