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Second Session :  Rebecca Haden of Haden Interactive speaking on WordPress SEO


This seems like it is going to be a great hands on session. Rebecca is addressing hobby, small business blog sites and how to use SEO to improve your traffic. She is using Haden Interactive’s lab site My Fresh Plans as an example. We’re starting off with a break down of white hat vs black hat SEO tactics.  Use white hat (visible tactics) for long term SEO.

5 Steps to Good SEO:

1. Have a good website: the holy trinity: content, design, and code

Make an initial investment to get a good basic theme then spend some money on visuals. The produce content. Initial traffic for Fresh Plans came from just a few site placements. The site design and content kept people on the site and coming back to it once they found it. For search engines, make sure you are placing clear, simple search keywords that apply to your website. Do not worry about personal search, think about how the sites control them.  It’s not about the number, it’s about using the right ones. Use them naturally.  Don’t forget about image tags!

2. Do something well and then tell people about it. the holy trinity: linkbuilding, social media, and IRL networking

Linkbuilding = a vote of confidence for your site. Go to Get Listed and search for related topics. Do searches for your topic and find sites that are related and then check them in Website Grader. List yourself on Brown Book, Yelp, and HotFrog. Be sure to vary the phrases you use to linkback. Spend an hour a week on this. And never, ever pay someone for a link (black hat alert!) The exception is paying for an ungraded version of a site that is already sending you good traffic.

3. Engage Your Visitors: “Know who your visitors are, create compelling stuff, and reach out and respond”

Come up with a profile for your reader. Take it to the level of building a person: name them to fully visualize it! Once you have that person in mind think about their reasons for visiting your site and then meet their needs. And be sure to respond personally to them. You can have an automated response but make sure it is clear it is automated rather than just an impersonal reply.

4. Monitor and Adjust: holy trinity – watch your analytics, respond to what your see, test and tweak

Submit and index yourself on the search sites. Look at your traffic patterns and respond. Check out google insights for your search terms to see what people want to hear about. Use the popular keywords in your search. Test and tweak based on your analytics. Set up goals in Google Analytics to track yourself.

5. Keep it Up! :

Don’t expect immediate results, give yourself time to grow and for your strategies to work. If you change too often you won’t know what works for your site. Change takes time. You can make small responsive changes based on data but you have to give larger strategies time to work.


Knowledge from the Q&A:

Check for broken links: WordPress plug in “Broken Link Checker”

Ask people to find the right keywords. What would they search for if they were looking for {fill in the blank}.

User Testing



  1. these seem like great tips but honestly, i’m too lazy to do it. Can you do it for me?

  2. I’ve tried out and reviewed the Broken Link Checker:

    We do understand being too lazy (or busy) to do this stuff for yourself — we do it for a living. But we’ve never thought of trading SEO for wine…


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