Liveblogging : Wordcamp KC #WCKC WP and Social Media

Hello! I am attending Wordcamp today and Kansas City and will be sharing some of the insight through live blogs.

First session : Lisa Qualls from Fresh ID and Social Media Club KC speaks on WordPress and Social Media : A Great Couple

Lisa opened with this graphic from Fred Cavazza. Great breakdown of social media for clients… how it all interacts with each other. Her three uses of social media: evaluate, learn, and connect. Love how she is taking that opening and showing how you can use social media to drive business. Think about what your customer is seeing, what you want them to see. Use categories on the back end to push the content you want people to see.

Stepping up the interacting for business, Lisa showed off a custom Twitter plug in they did for Red House Media as well as Fresh ID’s Twitter streams. Love the examples of how you can show off different streams of Twitter.  I thought I was the Twitter queen but Lisa is totally making me look at on websites in a completely different way. She’s using Sporting KC as an example right now. My husband would love that.  Keep in mind though, that unlike Facebook, you can’t filter out certain words and terms. Be confident that the accounts and streams you are showing will only display content you want your viewers to see.


For advanced clients, Lisa is walking us through the LiveStrong park site and talking about what they have done beyond that. Every seat in the park has a QR code. The possibilities that could be done with that is mind boggling. Be sure to check out the beta site Sporting Membership. Click around the FreshID site for more innovative ideas for Worpress use for businesses.


Closing out with the most important point: think about your usability and customer experience first.  Plan, map, think before you input.


Random WordPress resources from the Q&A session:

YouTube Tutorials from Fresh ID

Word Press Beginner Help Site


  1. Bookmarking the wp for beginners site now. Awesome

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