Liveblogging WordCamp KC : The Why and How of Group Blogs

Third session of the day is The WHy and How of Group Blogs from Brenda Bethmand and Kristen Abell


I was quite excited about this session since I have a hyper-local group blog The COMO Collective. Brenda and Kristin co-founded Student Affairs Women Talk Tech in 2010. They plan to talk about the benefits, the why, and the how to.

Benefits of Group Blogging:

  • It takes less time since you don’t have to write as much
  • Shows diverse viewpoints on one subject
  • Better for publicity


  • differing viewpoints can cause disagreement about blog vision
  • hard to manage workflow, quality

For Setup:

Have a focus

Blog Schedule: (I personally LURVE the calendar plugin in WordPress) Think about how you are going to spread your topics and content.  They use Google Calendar tied to Google topics spreadsheet to schedule the posts. it’s done three months ahead of time and invite and reminders go out from the calendar. It’s giving me some food for thought.

Deadlines: Do you need to use contributor status so you can edit and double check that blogs will be posted? On The COMO Collective we currently allow people to submit themselves. It’s working so far but it does leave to uneven content.

Tech Talk

Site Mechanics: Who is responsible for the hosting, domain name, etc. Have someone in charge of that role.

Promote your blog: set up a Facebook Fan Page and Twitter account and set up plugins to automatically post to both sites. Networked blogs will do the hard work for you (but if you care about hits, think about another plugin since that hit goes to Networked blog unless the user x’s out the bar.) Use hashtags to find your audience on Twitter.



Cross-posting: Set up standards to ensure the quality of your content.

Commenting: have a moderation plan in place and assign responsibility for returning comments


Knowledge from Q&A:

Networked Blogs: Sign up to help promote your blog but know the good and bad sides. Automatic syndication can takes hits away from your count.

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