LiveBlogging WordCamp Kansas City : Why WordPress Is the Best Choice for Business

Afternoon session two :  Rick Nielson is presenting Why WordPress is the Best Choice for Business. Check Rick, aka The Web Trainer, out on his website, YouTube channel, and Twitter.


Rick says: (paraphrased) So why is WordPress the best choice for business websites? Because it kicks ass! Session over. Just kidding, but seriously WordPress revolutionized the web because it made website building and changes accessible to everyone. Why? Fast development, low cost, search engine magnet, plugins allow you to easily do almost anything easily, themes are widely available, and there is tons of support available.

WordPress can take you to the next level. Take whatever business you are doing and think outside the box.  Think of what you can sell and then use WordPress to do it. you need a home for your content. Social media should be what you use to drive people to your website.

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