Little Luxuries : Ecigarettes

Recently while at True/False, my friend asked us to head outside to smoke. I was a little flabbergasted, especially considering our third friend was pregnant, until she whipped out an electronic cigarette. I know how addictive smoking can be. And it’s not just the nicotine. My friend actually has more of an addiction to oral (sounds dirty doesn’t it?) I get it because my daughter is the same way; her nervous tics make her want to chew on things.

After talking to her and learning more about e-cigarettes, I decided to partner with V2 Cigs for my little luxuries series. I love that there is a product that can make a bad habit less harmful.

Electronic cigarettes are an alternative nicotine delivery system. The idea is to take out the ingredients which cause smoking-related illnesses like tar, carbon monoxide, arsenic, formaldehyde and carcinogens. Of course you are still inhaling nicotine so it’s not like they are risk free! The major plus in my opinion is that they do not release smoke so you are not harming those around you.

V2 Cigs is one of the most popular e-cigarettes in the market and a favorite among editors. Their e-cigs are known for their thick vapor and long lasting batteries. Over 1 million users visit their site every month, so they must be doing something right. Starter kit start at just $49.95.

The V2 Standard Kit contains:

  • automatic and a manual battery
  • USB Smart Charger
  • wall adapter
  • ten flavor cartridges

Ultimate Starter Kit contains:

  • automatic and a manual battery
  • USB Smart Charger
  • wall adapter
  • twenty five flavor cartridges
  • car charger
  • USB-powered battery
  • extra battery
  • metal carry case
  • portable charging case
  • lanyard

Either way, you get everything you need to start “vaping.”
Ha! That term cracks me up!
Need more? The V2 Ultimate Kit, their most popular kit, includes everything you need to get started with your vaping experience: x3 batteries, x25 flavor cartridges, wall adapter, smart charger, car adapters, power-ecig, and a metal carrying case.  Here’s a pic:
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  1. Interesting! I’ve always wondered about these…thanks for the info!

  2. I just got my mom switched over to ecigs and I’m so glad I don’t have to deal with the smoke any more!

  3. Very interesting. I have seen products like this and always thought they looked funny, but I guess you’re right in that it is better and safer than the alternative!

  4. I think it is great that there is an alternative. Love these types of products even though I do not need them.

  5. I have never ever heard of this! Tthe good thing is that it will not affect those around the smoker.

  6. I think this is a great idea. I dabbled in college but chose the too-broke-to-smoke cold turkey approach. This would have been way easier. LOL Thanks for sharing!

  7. Kelley Johnsen says:

    I understend about the habit of smoking, I saw it with my grandparents. while I do not agree with smoking and think the health risk to be high, I like that this seems to be a better option to cigeretts. Taking out some of those dangers chemicals and toxins does help. I wish this was around for my grandparents I would have liked this better.

  8. Wow this is very interesting, the great thing is that this will not affect those who choose to smoke 🙂

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