Let’s talk about purging

The word purging has a lot of negative connotations, but there’s something perfect about it when it comes to letting go of your belongings. Let’s face it, we all own too much. And possessions drag us down. There’s a reason that Marley wears a chain of moneyboxes in A Christmas Carol.

Last year I participated in a Facebook group challenge to purge 2014 things in 2014 and I resigned up again this year. I just now realized they have actual defined missions and printables, so I am doing my best to follow along and let them guide my decluttering.

Join me won’t you?

First official #2015in2015 purge. More info #ontheblog! #resolutions

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Details below!

You will notice a theme of six items on each list. Because if you purge six items a day, you will easily reach your 2015 items goal by the end of the year.

The first two weeks’ list included:
6 cooking utensils
We are pretty lean on the kitchen front so I cleaned out my junk drawer and filled a bowl with disposable utensil packs and chopsticks from take out orders.
6 items from your nightstand
Do magazines count? Because four of those, one comb, and a random toy later….
6 books
The girls had a one in and one out policy on all gifts so they gave up books and coloring books galore. And bonus, they gave up more than we got.
6 cookbooks
Stab me in the heart why don’t you #2015in2015? I love me some cookbooks. But since one of my resolutions for the year is to cook my way through each of my cookbooks, I decided to lessen my load and clear out six. First on my list? The diet ones I will never ever actually do!
6 pots and pans or bakeware
I kind of cheated on this one as I had received new cookie sheets for Christmas so I immediately replaced two of the items I decluttered. I also added in three kid size baking items which we have embarrassingly never used. And a second six muffin pan. Why I thought I needed two of these when I also own two twelve count pans I am not sure.
6 clothing items
Wow, really hard. But a few things none of us ever wear adds up to six.
6 hats
Only found three hats that are not actively worn.
6 hangers
Why do we own so many Ikea kids hangers?
-6 pieces of jewelry
6 magnets
No go. Almost every magnet we have is actually holding something up. If nothing else, I have already conquered the magnet clutter.
6 shoes
My girls’ feet NEVER grow so they have way too many pairs of the same size shoes. I grabbed three pairs in one go from Calamity Jane’s room. Done and done.
6 winter hats/scarves/gloves
Done! We live in the Midwest, there’s always some random winter gear floating around. However I couldn’t bring myself to throw away four extra gloves that are missing their mates. Because you know when you do that, the other one instantly appears. Maybe next week.
6 socks or underwear
Be gone non-matching socks!
6 more items from your nightstand
Tapped out on this one.


  1. Wow. Okay…I’m TOTALLY with you on this 2015 things in 2015, HOWEVER, there’s no way I could complete this first list. Nuh uh. I happen to be one of those people who has the barest minimum of required cooking utensils, pots & pans, am actually in need of hangers to the point where I’m doubling up (hanging two things on one LOL), have FINALLY just broke down and bought a couple of hats because I have done without them for so long, am not much of jewellery wearer and the few pieces I have are gifts, am only an honorary woman in that I have fewer shoes than I actually need (wear the one pair of boots I have most of the time) and have on one pair of heels…getting the picture? I CAN throw out socks though! I got some new ones for Xmas! And I can toss out clothes! I don’t even have six things in my nightstand I think. And yet I have a house full of clutter. (I’m an artist). Books? Throw out books? Insanity! I only have one cookbook. I use it for all my recipes. It’s sacred. So what is my clutter? Ummm??? Old journals. Bills not filed. Lord knows…Just piles of stuff I don’t have places for. Boxes, bowls, containers of various sorts…stuff. Stuff, stuff, and more stuff.

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