Let Tinderize Parenting

This peek into the tech dating culture is sponsored by US Cellular.

Being in Texas for Spring Break has allowed me to see how the other half live… the young, single half. I spent last night hanging out at a hot bar scene. And after I got over ordering $15 (FIFTEEN DOLLAR) cocktails on an iPad Air (a little pretentious no?), I then was free to be outraged over how out of touch I am.

I consider myself to be fairly in touch but since I am an old married, I know nothing about mobile dating sites. So it was crazy to watch my young friends go at it on their phones. When I tried to be cool and mention Tinder, they laughed a polite chuckle that said I was so 2014. Not cool young friends, not cool.

Now that 63 percent of mobile phone owners use their phones, like the 4G LTE Apple iPhone 6, to go online. Dating sites have upped their game by offering a variety of apps that make it more convenient to find and connect with a lifelong partner. Or at least someone to talk to at the bar. If you can put down your phone.

I must admit, I think the latest evolution in online dating to free location-aware mobile apps such as OKCupid and Plenty of Fish are cool. It kind of forces you to take things offline when the apps only show potential matches that are nearby. Back when I was dating you couldn’t review responses to questionnaires in order to gain a little insight into a potential match at the bar. You had to gauge their personality by their drink order.

That’s why it’s important to have a high speed network like the 4G LTE network operated by U.S. Cellular. I mean forget a dropped call, a slow network now means missing out on your cellmate.

Now that the stigma that used to be associated with online dating is long gone can we get this technology going for the rest of us? I would love to be able to access some kind of Tinder for bored parents. No, not for any Little Children affair type things. I am thinking finding someone cool to talk to at playplaces when everyone else is locked into their stroller mafias. Moms need friends too people. Million dollar idea app developers. Get to it!

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