Let Someone Else Do the Dishes

Thrilled to partner with Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser on this post. All overly gushing opinions are mine alone. I love this stuff!!

Happy Monday! I know, I know, it’s actually Wednesday. But with Fall comes seasonal allergies which shut down my body for a day or two. When I emerged from the allergy haze, I was disappointed to find that the two days had not magically erased the weekend house hangover. Tell me you know the kind, where you have a fabulous weekend full of impromptu dinners with friends and unexpected play dates. But then you wake up with a house that looks like this:
Weekend Mess
Not pinnable Life
The girls are still working on keeping their rooms clean and my husband, who is actually way cleaner than me, doesn’t know where half the stuff goes. Thank goodness for mommy’s little helpers…

Finish Dish Detergent Tabs

But these brightly colored tabs are not the Valley of the Dolls helpers, these are much more PG and WAY more effective. My little secret? Finish Quantum tabs. In everything else, I am miss Suzy Homemaker, making my own products and scrubbing power to make things clean. But when it comes to the dishes, I am happy to hand off the task to Finish dishwasher cleaner.

When we bought our Bosch dishwasher they recommended Finish and after giving other dish detergents and even my own concoctions a try, I have to go back to their expert opinion. Nothing cleans like the Quantum Finish tabs. It takes my dishes to sparkling with no effort from me. It’s the one thing in my house that does what I tell it to!

Want to try it out for yourself? There is a coupon below that you can pair with a rollback at Walmart (through October) for a crazy good price.

Finish Detergent

Give Finish a try, I am pretty positive you won’t be disappointed!

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