Summer Fun at the Lego Brickathon Event

We got a fun package in the mail over the weekend from everyone’s favorite toymaker: LEGO! Seriously, aren’t Legos the best? I played with them longer than any other toy (not ashamed to say it, I was still building stuff with them in Junior High.) They never failed to spark my imagination.

One beef I do have with them is that everything seems to be pre-fabricated these days. Kids are all about what is making what is on the box. What happened to the pure love of Legos? So I was extra happy that the package actually included a neat little “10 to click” packet that had ten Lego bricks and some fun ideas on what you could make with them, nary a painted or branded Lego in site.

If you are a Lego lover too and want to get your build on, check to see if there is a Lego Brickathon happening near you. These free events are sure to spark a love of building with Legos.

There’s one happening close to me here:
July 25th – September 4th
Branson Landing
100 Branson Landing Blvd.
Branson, MO 65616

Want your kiddos to get a little surprise in the mail? Lego would love to send one reader of The Guavalicious Life a Build With Us pack.  The prize pack contains: LEGO Club Magazine, 10 Bricks to Click (pack of ten bricks with building instructions) and pirate hat.

Just leave a comment with what you would build with ten Legos.

Disclosure: I was compensated for this post; thoughts and text are my own.


  1. That’s so cool!! I don’t even want to think of the thousands of dollars we’ve spent on LEGO… but my son loves them, and it’s such a great hobby to develop creativity. I wish we had one of these here!

  2. When my children were 6, 3 & newborn I bought a box of 2500 pcs of Legos. That was 40 years ago and we still have them. Now my youngest son has 3 children 9 6 & newborn, they have more LEGOS then you can count, It keeps the mind working, just love LEGO. Grandma Barb

  3. Mary Beth says:

    I am a mother with a 10 yr. old child with autism spectrum. He’s very imaginative with legos.We live close to Branson, Mo.. Is there any events or anything that he can get involved in? I was hoping that they would have something going on in 2013 like they had last year which we missed.
    This would be so great for his social skills and creativity.
    Thanks, Mary Beth

  4. We love LEGO bricks in our house! If we received 10 new bricks, my daughter would build a horse, my oldest son a space creature and my middle son would build a monster. Fun!


  1. […] GUAVALICIOUS LIFE – Build With Us Pack Got kids? Yeah, us too. If yours are anything like ours, they love LEGOS!  I bet they would also love to attend a LEGO Summer Brickation event and have the Build With Us Prize Pack from Guavalicious Life show up in your mailbox! The prize pack includes: LEGO Club Magazine, 10 Bricks to Click (pack of ten bricks with building instructions) and pirate hat. To enter and find out more about the LEGO Summer Brickation event head over to the Guavalicious Life (don’t you just love the name?!) and leave a comment with what you would build with 10 Legos. Easy peasy. […]

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