Lazy Parent Baby Book : Talent Show! What is your kid showing off these days?

So this is the new series on my blog, a baby book of sorts for us lazy parents. Each Sunday I post a question and answer it. You comment with your own answer, or write it on your blog, or jot it down on a random scrap of paper. It doesn’t matter where, just capture these fleeting moments.

This week’s question: what talent does your child currently posses?

Desmonda Drama obviously inherited her father’s musical talents rather than my own tone deafness because she regularly amazes us with the songs she creates. She will riff on a familiar tune, making up her own words, often. But she also makes up completely original melodies. We really need to get her into music lessons stat.

Calamity Jane is a bit harder to pin down. She’s pretty funny but I don’t know if that counts as a talent. The thing that stands out for me right now is her amazing memory. She remembers EVERYTHING. For example, she put on a hat today and mentioned that the last time she had worn it was when she went ice skating (over a year ago.)


  1. Roo can break it down with remarkable skill, especially considering we just don’t listen to that kind of histrionic singing style. Jasper has an effortless nonchalant cool that makes me incredibly jealous.

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