Lazy Housewife Handbook : Summer Cleaning Tricks

Who wants to spend time inside cleaning when they could be out enjoying the summer fun? Not this lazy housewife! So here are ten of my best summer cleaning tricks.

Ten Summer Cleaning Tricks

  1. Remove your area rugs: Rigs add great depth to decor and keep your toes cozy. But during the summer, they are mainly good for catching the dirt and sand covering bare feet. Pull your rugs, wash them, and put them up for the season. It will be ten times easier to sweep your floors.
  2. Automate your cleaning: During most of the year, I do everything by hand with white vinegar but summer is the time to kick back and automate some of the work. Lysol sent me their No Mess Max Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner and I am addicted. It cleans the toilet with every flush and delivers a continuous clean for up to four weeks. Which means I can theoretically clean my toilet only three times a summer.  
  3. Keep the garbage cans clean: Nothing makes the house feel slovenly than a stinky trash can. Which happens fast in the summer heat. Control the odor with a once a week clean out. Rinse garbage cans with a hose, dump the water, then let them sit out in full sun for ten minutes. Then rinse again and turn upside down to dry.
  4. Stop mold in its tracks: Without the winter chill, mold can grow fast. Make sure to leave the shower doors and curtains open to keep mold from growing.
  5. Clean the air filters: If you haven’t already, take your air conditioning filters off and either clean them or replace them. clean filters keep your air clean and cool your house more effectively.
  6. Use an essential oil detergent: If you are a pool family like ours, your washing machine is full of damp towels that are quickly getting musty. Safonique sent me their natural lavender sea laundry detergent and I am a believer. It cleans even my most musty clothes and leaves a pleasant lavender aroma. Even with cold water.
  7. Get on a cleaning schedule: This summer cleaning schedule keeps the house clean in just fifteen minutes a day.
  8. Dust your fans: Your fans are running twenty four seven these days, so give them a good swipe every other day. Otherwise they can get quite the build up and then spread it into your breathing space.
  9. Rotate your window treatments: It’s tempting to just leave your curtains and blinds open all summer to let the sunshine in but do that and you are asking for a dust pile up. Open and close throughout the week to keep dirt from accumulating.
  10. Take your shoes off (!!!) : This tip is really for all year but it’s especially important in the summer when the asphalt heats up and more gets transferred to your shoes. Go barefoot and revel in your cleaner floors.

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