Five Mother’s Journals That Mom Will Actually Use

Mother’s Day is coming up and trust me, mom doesn’t need another mug or pen or brooch. Flowers die and candy boxes never live up to their promise. So what’s a kid to do? Invest in a journal. My mom has been writing in journals for years (I can’t wait to crack open those babies one day.) Writing is great for destressing (which every mom needs!) And journals make a great place to save memories for kids.

But don’t pick up a pretty blank book and call it a day. Instead opt for one of these journals which not only make writing a snap but also open up the lines of communications between mom and kids.
Journals for Mom

1.Just Between Us : A journal for teens and moms: Even for younger girls this journal is the gift that opens up communication between mom and daughter. And if a teen gave it to her mom? Well I can just imagine the cartwheels mom would be making. On the downlow of course. It’s full of prompts and questions that take the sting out of difficult topics.

2.Just Me and Mom: My daughter received this for Christmas and adores it. She loves having special time with me and I love that there’s a direction to that time. She is learning more about me and I am learning more about her through the quizzes and prompts in the book. This American Girl series has many titles so if your kiddo is close with your own mom, consider giving her the Grandma and Me version for Mother’s Day. I know my mom loves nothing more than getting gifts that give her time with the grandkids.

3. Q&A a Day for Kids: Any mom of school age kids knows that there’s not much time to spare for heart to hearts. Those days playing legos for hours have been replaced by the carpool line and hours working on the new math. This book takes just a few minutes day and it’s great fun to see how the answers change over the years.

4. Between You and Me Son: Girls don’t get to have all the fun. This book is specifically made for moms to share with their sons. This book is specifically made for moms to fill out to give to their sons. It’s full of prompts that let moms share their lives.

5. 300 Questions to Ask Your Parents Before It’s Too Late: If what you really want for Mother’s Day is more time with your own mom, consider giving her this book. You will learn more about your parents going through it then you did over eighteen years of family dinners! Too often conversations with parents are about the utilitarian or the grandkids. This turns the focus back on them! Want to get them to answer? Just tell them it’s for the grandkids.

For more ideas for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Teacher Appreciation Day, visit a few of my favorite bloggers.


  1. I love these ideas! I’m not a free-form journal type of girl. I prefer to answer questions or have prompts. I really love the one for between moms and sons!

  2. I really like the idea of journalling. I bet it would a great way to relieve stress!

  3. I love these ideas. I would love to have any of those journals. Might get some for my mom.


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