It Was Good to be Gone and It’s Good to be Back

Last week on my road trip down to Dallas for Thanksgiving, I realized that I needed to take an internet break. I wrote a few weeks ago about Hallmark’s BlogOut and I did great for a bit at balance. But then I started to backslide. And found myself spending the first few hours of our road trip constantly checking my mobile and updating various social networks while also trying to work on blog posts.

It was a little bit crazy.

So I decided to take a tech break and put down the phone and stay off the internet for the duration of our vacation. And I lived. For three days I just concentrated on being there. We spent one day with my mom’s family, one day at my dad’s family’s compound out in East Texas, and one day just hanging out together without the kids (thanks to my parents.)

And I have to say, it was pretty awesome.

Of course I am not going to be able to stay offline. I practically made out with my wireless connection. And I was happy read the alarmed direct messages from friends who noticed I hadn’t been tweeting. And after all, I do love blogging and there is the small matter of income. But overall, I am ready to take a step back. Life is just as good whether or not I tweet it.


  1. what, you man like updating your blog once a week? guilty. we need to start our weekly vlogcast just so we can hang out regularly.

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