Integrating Technology Into Family Life With the Intel AIO

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With the girls starting school this week, we are resetting routines and thinking about how we can have a successful school year. We’ve made the biggest change by switching schools but we also want to make changes at home.

One of these is changing the way we all use tech. There have been too many moments this summer where we have all been in different rooms on different devices. That’s why out kitchen counter now looks like this…


I can see you thinking, really another screen? But stay with me here.

Before, our only desktop was in my office downstairs. So even though I have a laptop, when i wanted to write or blog I had take myself out of the family area to do it. The separation is great when I need to mentally go to the office. But I found myself dashing down there to do one thing and then get caught up working.

And then the girls discovered YouTube and whenever they could, they would sneak down there to watch videos galore. Though we are fairly hands off, I didn’t like not being able to peek in on them easily.

At first we were going to try to move our desktop from the office but the set up down there is perfect for google hangouts and skyping. Plus, desktops are a giant pain! Enter the Intel AIO. It answered the working needs, the watching needs, and fulfilled the communication station need we didn’t know we had.

Now I can check my email and daily schedule while grabbing a bite to eat. And the girls can check the weather with a tap (touch screen FTW) before they get dressed. And when they want to watch videos they can pick it up and use it on the couch tablet style.

I must admit that I had grand plans for implementing some homeschool lessons on it this summer. That did not happen due to changes on our routine but I am really looking forward to incorporating into their studies this year. We are committed to them not having computers in their room so the Intel AIO is a great compromise. Because of its portability, we can work on the kitchen table with both of them or move it to the desks in their room when they need to work individually.

Here are some of the cool things you can do with an AIO:

Now we want to do all of them!

Of course, everything in moderation. WE had already had the girls sign an agreement with us for their mobile (yes, my seven year old has a nicer phone than me) but we also modified it and printed one out for the Kindle and the AIO. Even educational time is screen time and we want to use the AIO as a family tool, not something to zone out to. I highly recommend this agreement; you can download the one we used here.

Do you integrate technology into studying? Into family time? What are your limits? I would love your input!


  1. My daughter needs a new computer for school and this sounds like something she could get a lot of use out of.

  2. definitely good to remember that screen time needs to be limited but it is SUCH a huge help in some situations!

  3. I think technology has it’s place. But I was not happy to learn that my sons SK class got two iPads. I’d rather the kids go out and play or learn how to garden something simple as herbs. We have an iPad at home. I’d rather he play with it here than at class which is used as a reward-even though they are learning apps. But that’s how I feel. C’est la vie in a techno world sadly. I like ti tune out and get back into nature at the end of the week with my kids.

    • Agreed! I am amazed at how much time kids spend on screens in school. Even the smart board is a screen itself. I also don’t think that the focus on iPads is the best for our schools. Kids still need to learn how to type and create docs and presentations.

  4. Love the portability aspect. We have been looking into various tech options for our home and back-to-school use, thanks for the insight!

    • The portability is key for us! It moves so easily. WE even thought about taking it on vacation with us. If we had rented a place, we probably would have!

  5. I find it a lot harder to limit now that my kids are teens! So much of their interaction with friends is online now it is hard to know where to set limits.

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