I Think I Love My Kids

This past week our city is on spring break. In a college town, when the students leave, it’s like Christmas Time For The Jews. There’s ample parking, stores and restaurants are empty, you never have to wait. All because the college students are gone. And it’s been a real spring break for me because my parents took my kids to Texas.

Yes, it’s been a whole week of leaving scissors out, stacked laundry on tables, lunches consisting of tortilla chips and beer. What could be better for a parent than an empty house? But a strange sensation came over me yesterday morning. It was a realization that damn, I miss my kids. Don’t tell anyone, but I have may even cried a bit to my husband.

They’ll be home Sunday and I am sure this time next week I will be posting about how they drive my crazy. But until then, I miss these goofballs, crazy antics and all.


  1. Your girls are adorable and so grown up! We are half thinking of leaving V with my parents for a few days when we go to Portland, don’t know if I can do it!

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