How Twitter Changed My Life

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As I pack for the Type A Conference tonight, I have been reflecting on how much my life has changed in two years. In June of 2009, my husband and I had come to the mutual decision that it was time to explore other options than our home in the Twin Cities. I was devastated. I had finally found the group of mom friends I had wanted since I had the girls and quit my job to stay home with them. These women were not only supportive as parenting peers but were also the kind of close friends I didn’t know that it was possible to make in adult hood. I couldn’t imagine my life without them.

Two months later, I couldn’t imagine my life in Columbia, Missouri even though I was already living there. A big city girl my entire life, this college based community was entirely foreign. I had trouble finding other moms I could connect with. And Facebook was making me sad since it was filled with updates from all the friends I had left behind.

So I turned to Twitter. I had an account I had set up the year before and never used. I dusted it off and jumped into the conversation. Everyone had a blog it seemed so while I had a longtime Livejournal, I left it in the dust and started broadcasting my thoughts on a Blogger blog. One day I did a location based search and discovered an active community of local tweeters. Soon they were telling me where to eat, the best neighborhoods to live in, and commiserating on what it was like to be perpetually surrounded by people a good fifteen years younger than me. They introduced me to the concept of “Summer Como” and it how awesome it was when all those young people headed home.

Soon I couldn’t get enough of Twitter. I was chatting with all my new local friend, attending tweetups, becoming a total social media nerd. I started a second personal blog about Columbia and then when I felt like it wasn’t enough, started a group blog to talk more about the un-covered events in the city. There wasn’t a central networking community so I banded together with other social media nerds to start a chapter of Social Media Club. Suddenly I had a career, friends, and a community again.

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