How to Not Cook Until the New Year with Yahoo DIY

Thank you Yahoo! for sponsoring this post. While this was a sponsored opportunity from Yahoo!, all content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Ahhh, you’re finally made it. Unless you are running to the mall for last minute gift ideas, today is the touchdown of the holidays. Hannukah has ended, the solstice has been celebrated, and Santa comes tonight. Now it’s your time to chill out and relax. To really get your chillaxing on, step away from the stove and make the next few holiday meals stretch as long as possible. Instead of being like this…
Become a fridge ninja, and presto, dinner is done!

My leftover love kicked into high gear after I discovered the #YahooDIY site. I am obsessed with their articles and they have a ton of tips on how to use leftovers like the ten excellent ideas in No Dish Left Behind. I mean, who would have thunk that you could save gravy?!

I just love tips for the small things like cranberry sauce and leftover herbs. One of my ninja moves? Adding hot peppers (or for a real shortcut, sambal) to cranberry sauce for a quick chutney like sauce that I freeze in small amounts or spread on leftover turkey sandwiches. Yahoo’s Herb Saving 101 article has several great ideas on what to do with the herbs you only used a small pinch of. But secret ninja tip, buy the poultry packet, it almost always has just the right amount of all the herbs you need.

I would love to hear more ideas on what to do with leftovers! Hit me with your best suggestion! And don’t forget to check out the Yahoo DIY site for articles on everything from home improvement to kid crafts.

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