Hit By The BlogHer Bus

So this post was actually meant to be written yesterday. I had high plans to get home and immediately write a “first thoughts” recap post about the crazy five days I spent in San Diego whooping it up with 2000 plus other bloggers. But then I ended up getting home at two in the morning and instead I spent yesterday shuffling around in my bathrobe trying to convince my kids that protein bars sauteed in chicken stock and then wrapped in Flat Out were an acceptable lunch.

There was also the hour of the girls quiet time that I spent laying on the couch rubbing Arnicare onto my legs while I watched Project Runway and mocked the contestants: “Making a dress out of birdseed is hard? Try sleeping five hours a night in a double bed with strangers, subsisting on PopChips and wine, while trying to say hi to 2000 of your closest friends that you’ve never met. That’s hard”

I thought I was soooo prepared for BlogHer this year. I’d packed properly, had a clear plan on how I wanted to connect, and had found awesome roommates who would support and sustain me through the weekend. I flew out Wednesday morning with one small carry on and a “bring it BlogHer” attitude. I came home Sunday night with a spinning mind, an aching body, and bruises on my shoulder from carrying on a twenty pound bag of swag (I checked the other 100 pounds.)

BlogHer was amazing of course. And I was blessed to spend it with two of my closest (offline) friends. They and the other people there made the weekend. As usual there are dozens and dozens of names I could put here and so many more that I completely missed seeing but these special women were touchstones for me:

Elena aka CiaoMom who very generously gave me the Wii she won at the Clever Girls Collective party. She didn’t know that I have been wanting one for the girls for a few months to help with physical and occupational therapy but have been holding off since I bought my husband an iPad for Father’s Day. I can’t wait to see the girls use it.


Chantelle aka FatMumSlim and Sarah aka SerephimSP who rolled from party to party with Claire and I Friday night and kept us laughing the entire time. I need them to be sponsored for every BlogHer or I need to figure out how to get to Australia.

Julia Roberts from Support for Special Needs who not only threw an amazing special needs minicon but who also gave me a hug that conveyed that she understands and gets me.

Last but not least Laura who unfortunately I didn’t meet until the plane ride home because she was one of the funniest people I met the whole weekend and it would have been a blast to do BlogHer with her.

And Fadra, because well she’s Fadra; Claire because I have always wanted a conference bestie; and Jen because many days she is my everything.

In spite of the amazing people, the beautiful location, and the fabulous sessions and parties, I also have a post BlogHer blogging depression. I think it is very hard to come home from BlogHer without some questions about what you write about and why. I see more and more of trend towards niche blogging. Which of course I am a fan of (see my main blog). But I also fear niche is going to drive out the blogs that I started off loving. The big voices will always be around but what about the new lifestyle bloggers who write about the mundane and make it wonderful. I fear their voices will be lost.

There are many, many more things to say about BlogHer so guess what, it’s BlogHer week on the blog. Look for more posts about swag, parties, sessions, and feather hair extensions over the next few days.

Disclosure: My cereal bar, chicken stock, and Flat Out meal was made up. But if it hadn’t been, all of those things would have been swag given to me at BlogHer parties. I didn’t really sleep with a stranger, I slept with my friend Claire and only kept her up snoring once. The Arnicare I rubbed on my legs was from Boiron and was given to me in the expo hall. And it rocks.


  1. i need to be all BUDDY-BUDDY with you next year ’cause you know how to find parties whereas i’m all a bumbling idiot who gets cursed out at buffet tables

    • Um, you are never going to be able to get rid of me next year at BlogHer because you are the bumbling idiot who gets cursed out at buffet tables. Imagine the stories and blog posts I could have after. I seriously think we need a Missouri bloggers conference. And by conference I mean weekend where we all get together and eat and drink ourselves silly while “networking”.

  2. I wholeheartedly 2nd everything you said, just change the names to the peeps I hung out with. Also, I should have hung out with you more, because, clearly.

    • I am so ashamed of myself for not saying hi to you when I saw you. I was all OMG, that’s Angie, with an awesome shirt! She probably won’t know who I am, I’ll just leave her alone.

  3. What a fantastic post and not just because you mentioned me, but because, well, I hear you.

    The hug meant a lot to me. Just so you know.

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